Iyashi Wand - #1 Zero Point Energy Wand

Iyashi Wand - #1 Zero Point Energy Wand

    The Original

    Iyashi Wand the original zero point energy wand


    The Iyashi Wand is one of the original, authentic zero point energy wands and the first full spectrum all-purpose holistic wellness tool. Take control of your life and well-being in your own hands. The Iyashi Wand can work for everything by realigning your body’s energetic systems allowing it to harmonize your entire body's bio-field.
    Iyashi Zero Point Energy Healing Wand

The Iyashi Wand

We hear amazing stories every day about our Iyashi Wand and how it's making a difference in peoples' lives, providing them with much-needed energy and vitality. We have "Broken the Wand Code", and devised a unique formula and process through which we manufacture our wands, bio-ceramic energy technologies, and infuse our unique scalar and zero point tools with our BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) The BFIT frequencies attune to your personal circumstances and assist the body to return to homeostasis.

Why is Iyashi the Best Zero Point Energy Wand?

The Iyashi Wand is the original full spectrum scalar and zero point energy wand. Encased in the Iyashi Wand's stainless steel exterior is our BFIT Full Spectrum Infusion technology, mineral blend, and Iyashi Ceramic technology and other proprietary technologies. The Iyashi Wand is a scientific scalar tool that has been calibrated to hold thousands of specific beneficial energy patterns, and is the only wand to incorporate Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT). The Iyashi Wand is both an all-purpose and a high-precision wellness tool, making it the choice of doctors and alternative practitioners around the world.
The Original Iyashi Wand has more harmonizing qualities that the body's bio-field responds to than any other energetic wellness tool out there. Providing over 18000+ energetic frequencies, the Iyashi Wand can help expedite your path to wellness. The Iyashi Wand emits energetic frequencies attuned to speed the harmonization of your energetic systems immediately.

What is a Full Spectrum Wand?

Full Spectrum technology gives the highest possible potential for harmonizing your energetic systems and is the cornerstone of our mandate to provide the highest possible outcome for everyone. Our full spectrum capability includes but is not exclusive to our unique Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology®. It infuses an extraordinary number of energy patterns, plus our own proprietary energy frequency formulas (over 18000 of them) that we have found are necessary for helping relieve the majority of conditions people may have. These energy patterns and bundles of frequency formulas also support your energy systems of chakras and meridians. Your energetic wellness will reflect your overall well-being.
Certain energy patterns will help you with particular issues. These are bundled together into formulas. The energy patterns that help with one issue may not work on another. A different formula is most always required. Most zero point energy wands only contain one of or a very limited number of these important energy patterns. Some even claiming to be zero point energy wands are not even zero point at all. They are inert.