EMF Protection – Everything You Need to Know

EMF protection is highly needed for everyone as we have more exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the increasing amount of electronics in our world. Everyone is affected by EMF’s whether they realize it or not, those who do feel the negative effects from EMF’s are considered to have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Even if you aren’t hypersensitive you may experience some of the negative symptoms such as general fatigue, poor sleep or fuzzy thinking. Many people don’t relate these to EMF’s but find various issues they were experiencing suddenly resolve themselves when they start using the correct EMF protection.

The 4 Quadrants of EMF Protection

When looking at the different types of EMF protection we can break these up into 4 general types. Each of these methods of EMF protection works in a different way and for the best overall protection we recommend incorporating them all for the best overall EMF protection.

Strengthening Bio-field: Strengthen your bio-field is an effective way at buffering the negative effects from EMF’s. Essentially you are counteracting the “bad” frequencies with “good” frequencies. Strengthening your bio-field can be done through Scalar Energy devices. Along with protecting you from the bad EMF’s they also can restore and repair your bio-field from any previous damage the EMF’s may have already caused. This is why it’s important to use your scalar energy devices throughout the day even when you’re not looking for EMF protection as they are working 24/7.
Scalar Energy products encompass our entire Iyashi line of products which are all infused using B.F.I.T.. This powerful infusion process infuses over 18000+ beneficial frequencies which the scalar energy device then radiates through the scalar energy field around it. These scalar energy frequencies then help harmonize your bio-field, strengthening your aura, aligning chakras and clearing any energy blockages. You can receive these benefits through our Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand, Iyashi ® Bracelets or Iyashi® pendants.

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Transmuting: Transmuting  work in the same realm of scalar energy but instead of strengthening your bio-field it works by affecting the EMF’s helping to harmonize them so they don’t have the negative effects on you in the first place. Not all magnetic fields are bad, our earth has a natural magnetic field at about 7.83Hz also known as the Schumann resonance. So by transmuting the electromagnet fields a bit these EMF’s don’t have the same negative impact they normally would.

You can receive the best transmuting EMF protection without Iyashi Shieldite EMF Protection stones. Shieldite is a unique natural stone that has been found to disrupt and transmute EMF’s, we have also enhanced it with our B.F.I.T.. We offer it in various forms including pendants, cell phone buttons and various stone shapes such as pyramids or cubes. Individuals who are hypersensitive to EMF’s tend to find it the most effective, although it is also important to combine it with a scalar energy device as well for maximum protection.

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EMF Shielding: EMF shielding is the most effective form of EMF protection as you physically block the wireless EMF signals themselves. While this is the most effective type of EMF protection it is not always practical as it renders all your wireless devices useless, as the signals are completely blocked out. Also to receive the EMF protection any area you want to protect needs to be completely covered.
We offer some of the best EMF Shielding solutions through our Healthy Wave® Earthing / Grounding Sheet. This Earthing and grounding sheet comes in 3 sizes and while it looks and feels like a regular sheet is made with 11% silver fiber. This creates a faraday cage which can completely block out all the high frequency EMF radiation from 30Mhz to 5Ghz. The Healthy Wave® Earthing / Grounding Sheet is most practical to use at home as a bed sheet to protect you while sleeping, many people find their sleep dramatically improves when using it, or use it as a blanket while on the couch or working on your computer. Learn more about the Healthy Wave® Earthing / Grounding Sheet.

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Grounding: Grounding can be achieved by simply walking barefoot on the earth such as on the grass on a lawn. While grounding has a lot of other benefits it is effective at providing natural protection from low frequency EMF’s from everyday electronic devices. When you are grounded a natural “Umbrella Effect” is created which reduces or pushes low frequency electrical fields away from your body. If you don’t have the chance to get outside as often as you like or want the convenience of grounding yourself at home the Healthy Wave® Earthing / Grounding Sheet is the perfect solution as it connects to your electrical outlets grounding plug. Through the shielding and grounding you get complete EMF protection from both high a low frequencies.    

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Good Vs Bad Magnetic Fields

There are two main types of magnetic fields, natural magnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields which are commonly referred to as EMF’s. Not all magnetic fields are bad, in fact the earth and our human bodies produce their own low level magnetic field (7-10Hz), which by no coincidence is about the same frequency as the earth referred to as the Schumann resonance at 7.83Hz. New scientific research is even suggesting that each cell in our bodies has its own magnetic field which regulates the cell normal functions.

Some magnetic fields can heal while others can harm. This is why exposing ourselves to the beneficial magnetic fields can improve our overall wellbeing. These can be from natural static magnets, grounding ourselves as it connects us to the earth at its natural Schumann resonance, or even using PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) which while it uses electromagnetic fields it pulses them at specific low frequencies that are beneficial to us. You can learn more about PEMF at HealthyWaveMat.com

Most other electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) that are produced from electronics are harmful as they run at higher frequencies and even the ones near the lower range 50-60hz are not harmonized. Using transmuting products such as our Iyashi Shieldite EMF Protection stones help harmonize these bad EMF’s rendering them harmless.

earth magnetic field emf protection

The earth's magnetic field is not a constant and ranges through different levels of intensity and frequency as you can see in the diagram. Shieldite® EMF Protectors are naturally calibrated to the Schumann frequency balancing all harmful EMFs.

Which EMF’s are the Worst?

Some EMF’s are worse than others. There are 2 primary factors we need to consider when looking at which EMF’s are the worst.  First is the frequency which is measured in hertz (Hz), as we explained earlier low frequency similar to the Schumann resonance can be beneficial but EMF’s get more disruptive the higher frequencies they get. Second is the intensity measured in gauss (G), this is how strong the EMF is and the stronger the EMF the further its electromagnetic field will extend.

While regular electronics devices we plug into our outlets run at between 50-60Hz are above our natural range they tend not to be very disruptive to us unless the intensity is very strong. Studies have shown anything above 3 milli gauss can start to have negative physiological effects. It’s also important to understand EMF gauss readings get exponentially higher the closer you get. For example if you have a reading of 4 milli gauss at 2 feet away you will have a reading of 16 milli gauss at 1 foot away and a reading of 256 milli gauss at 6 inches away. Below we have prepared a table of common household items and rated them on a scale of 1-5 on how powerful and dangerous the electromagnetic field the device creates. Since at 3 mill gauss damage starts to occur on our body we grouped the devices by how close you have to be to have 3 milli gauss or higher exposure.

effect if emf on human body

When the body is exposed to EMFs like in the picture above the electrical field of the body is disrupted causing our cells to function incorrectly.

Group 5 (worst) 3 + feet
Microwave ovens
Microwave towers
Smart hydro meters
Electric Water Ionizer

Group 4 - 1-3 feet
Wireless routers
Electric blankets
Cell phones
Other Electric water ionizer
Laptop computers
Cordless phone
Clothes dryers
circuit breakers
florescent lights.

Group 3 - up to 1 foot
Baby monitors
Electric clock radios
Desktop computers
LCD or LED Tvs
Electric heaters
Hot water tanks
Other corded electric appliances

Group 2 - a couple inches
Toaster oven
Other hand held electric appliances
small battery operated devices
computer screen

Group 1 - direct contact or < 3 milligauss
Electric outlets - not plugged in
Battery operated watch
computer mice and keyboards


 The worst types of EMF’s come from cell phones (4G & 5G), Wi-Fi, smart meters which frequencies can be in the gigahertz, 1 gigahertz is 1 billion hertz! They are especially harmful when in close proximity to them as you have the combination of a high frequency and a high intensity. The further away you get from them the better but some of the stronger devices such as smart meters electromagnetic fields can extend out several feet to meters. This is why lower frequency electronics in the 50-60Hz range are typically only an issue when you are close to them within their magnetic field where the intensity is greater than 3 milligauss, but high intensity EMF can be problematic even when you are further away outside their magnetic field.

emf range chart

The intensity and frequency of the EMFs in your environment are some of the main factors you need to consider when figuring out how much EMF protection you need. For our recommendation for EMF protection you can view our guide on How Much EMF Protection Do I Need to figure out what combination of EMF protection is appropriate for you.

How Do EMFs Negative Impact Us?


The first thing to understand is our bodies have their own magnetic fields. Our bodies conduct electricity through neurons and muscles, sending small electrical impulses to the brain, the heart also generates these electric signals to keep it beating. New studies are even showing that each individual cell has its own magnetic field which builds up on our entire framework. When we measure a healthy body we will find the magnetic field has a frequency of about 7-10hz. What is interesting is when the earth's magnetic field was measured in the 1950s it frequency was recorded at 7.83hz and has been changing slightly over time. You can see that our bodies and the earth's magnetic field operate at the same frequency along with all other living things on this earth.
emf range chart

In North America all electronics operate at 60hz and in Europe they operate at 50hz. These frequencies are severely incompatible with our bodies so when we enter their magnetic fields they disrupt our own. Our own bodies magnetic field is at a very low level and therefore can be disrupted relatively easily. Studies have shown when we come in contact with stronger EMFs they disrupt each of our bodies cells magnetic fields and increase the bodies voltage. When your cells magnetic fields are altered by strong EMFs they cannot function correctly. This is similar to trying to use a TV designed for European outlet being used in a North American outlet, since the circuits are not designed to run at the same power or frequency ( 50hz compared to 60z) the TV will eventually overheat and burn out. This is the same case with our cells, they are designed to operate with a magnetic field of 7-10hz but when influenced by EMFs their magnetic frequency rises and they start operating at a frequency they are not capable of handling. This can cause immediate symptoms in some people of pain, burning skin, headaches, blurred vision, and making your skin crawl. If it is just a short period of time the body will re-balance its magnetic field and start functioning correctly. The problem occurs with too much exposure or at too high a level of EMFs where the cells get so disrupted they cannot re-balance their magnetic field and continue functioning incorrectly. This is when serious and chronic conditions and disease can start occurring in the body. We are now seeing cancer and tumors being linked to EMF exposure as both these disease are the cause of cells growing incorrectly and uncontrollably.


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