B.F.I.T. - Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

B.F.I.T. stands for Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology, this is our proprietary infusion technology we use to infuse all our Iyashi® products will a full spectrum of beneficial frequencies to support your energy systems, chakras and meridians. Your energetic wellness will reflect your overall well-being.

Our B.F.I.T. is a type of scalar energy infusion that imprints a full spectrum of frequencies (over 18000+) into our Iyashi® products. This process can be looked at similarly to how a computer stores files on a hard drive. But instead we are imprinting subtle energy patterns in our products (wands, pendants bracelets etc.) that then radiate through the scalar and zero point energy fields for your benefit.

Full Spectrum Technology

Natural crystals have their own innate frequencies which vibrate though the scalar energy field. They typically have a very narrow or small spectrum of frequencies which are unique to their crystal type. What makes B.F.I.T. unique is it imprints a full spectrum of frequencies that can fully align all your energetic systems & align all your chakras bringing those systems back into phase-lock. B.F.I.T.infuses an extraordinary number of energy patterns, plus our own proprietary energy frequency formulas (over 18000 of them) that we have found are necessary for helping relieve the majority of conditions people may have.

Iyashi® B.F.I.T. Infusion and VibraScan 1100 Testing

Individual Batches
Iyashi® Wands, Bracelets and Pendants go through small-batch infusion processes in order to ensure optimum quality and effectiveness. Once the products are energetically cleaned removing unwanted subtle energy patterns, they are put through a very specific infusion process. Once each product is infused, they are moved on to the Vibrascan testing to ensure the product meets our high standards of efficiency and effectiveness. iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
BFIT Infusion
Our unique full-spectrum technology emits thousands of unique subtle energy frequencies that the bio-field recognizes and responds to. These subtle energy patterns are made from thousands of individual frequencies which relate to different parts of your bio-field and chakras. After the infusion process we test the products on a Vibrascan1100 by a trained technician to ensure their energy levels are correct. iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
VibraScan 1100 Testing
Medical gloves are worn during the entire testing process to minimize subtle energy passage from the technician into the pendants, bracelets and wands. The Iyashi® Wands, Bracelets and Pendants are finely tuned energetic instruments which are highly responsive when close to or in contact with someone. We test in a EMF free environment to eliminate any EMF and other subtle energy contamination. iyashi pendant vibrascan testing
After each batch of Iyashi® Pendant, Bracelet & Wands are tested, they are placed in their own box with an authenticity card. While B.F.I.T. is used for other products we only include authenticity card with our flagship full spectrum infused products including the Iyashi® Wand, Iyashi® Pendants and Iyashi® Bracelets. These authenticity cards help you ensure you are receiving authentic Iyashi products.


iyashi pendant certification

VibraScan 1100 Testing

We have tested over three hundred separate zero point energy wands on the market, including different brands such as the "Amega Wand", "Auric Energy Wand", "Nano Wand", "Original Japanese Energy Wand", and many others. Many of these wands are claiming to be full spectrum wands, but our tests still show they are not. Wellness is our passion, and energy harmonization is our field of expertise; we pride ourselves in bringing you the most effective and most extensively researched energy harmonization technology on the market. Watch the VibraScan1100 video below to see how other wands compare to the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand.

The VibraScan 1100 is a device which measures the energy strength of alternative wellness products which deal with energy patterns. The VibraScan 1100 can determine the strength of a number of parameters in wellness products. Energetic output strength is a key component of any wellness tool, and without a high energetic output, there will be little effect on the issue for which the zero point energy wand is being used. The Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand has the highest energetic output of any wand on the market to date, making it the most ideal wand in terms of overall effectiveness. Alongside our Full Spectrum technology, the Iyashi® research and development team has devised proprietary technology that will support and enhance the body’s bio-fields innate harmonization ability and encourage the return of vibrant well being.

There are many ways people have found to test subtle energies, the Vibrascan1100 is just one piece of technology to measure these types of scalar energies. Health practitioners and customers have tested our Iyashi® products using various methods of subtle energy testing as well and found fascistic results!

VibraScan 1100 Testing of 3 Zero Point Energy Wands
Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand Independent Energy Field Test