What is Scalar Energy?

The vibrational frequencies are essentially the type of scalar energy infused into our Iyashi® products. Scalar energy refers to any frequency of energy which is carried through scalar waves. Our B.F.I.T. (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) imprints these 18000+ frequencies on the scalar energy level. Scalar energy emits a field of its frequency that will fill the surrounding environment. When it passes through solid objects like yourself you pick up on that energy. When your body picks up this energy it raises it to the correct vibrational frequency realigning your bio-field. Since the scalar energy infused is a vibration it lasts forever and never depletes.

It is important that the correct scalar energy patterns are infused in. This is what makes the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants, Bracelets & Wands so unique is they are the only ones to carry a full spectrum of these vibrational frequencies. Since scalar energy falls under the principles of quantum physics we can hold thousands of different vibrational frequencies simultaneously.

To understand what scalar energy encompasses it can in a simplistic view be seen as:

Scalar Energy = Subtle Energy = Vibrational Frequencies

Vibration Frequencies can be measured in Hetz (Hz). You may be familiar with the Shuman Resonance which is 7.83Hz. This is just one scalar energy frequency that can be carried. With our Full Spectrum Infusion we carry a complete range of these frequencies in all the different intervals as each individual frequency as a specific impact on a certain area in our body.

Infusion Technology Vs Fusion Technology

These two technologies get mixed up often but they are very different.

  1. An Infusion Technology is a method of infusing subtle energy patterns into a finished pendant or crystal. This is done on a vibrational frequency level. You will not find this type of technology in any generic scalar pendants. Like Iyashi® other major companies have developed their own infusion technology but not all of them have.
  2. Fusion Technology refers to when the pendant is made from a mold through heating the crystals or other minerals to a liquid and cooling them. This is a manufacturing process of material and not a method of infusing scalar energy frequencies. A fusion process does not create scalar energy.

Real scalar energy products like Iyashi® use infusion technology which imprints the scalar energy patterns into the pendant or crystal. Those infused scalar energy patterns imprinted then vertebrate through the scalar energy field. Products that don’t use an infusion technology are not real scalar energy products. Many pendants & bracelets call themselves scalar energy despite not having any infusion technology and try to confuse people referring to their “fusion technology” which has nothing to do with scalar energy. It is very important when looking at any scalar energy product to understand their infusion process and not confuse it with “fusion technology”.