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Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

I received my Wand in good time after ordering , and impressed with its wrapping and leather case.
I activated it as well and find it is great to stimulate various areas of my body and others too .
Also beside my bed on a table pointed to me , I feel it seems to assist with better sleep too
Overall find it all so interesting and love the product

Testimonial By: Alan Smith  — Sydney, NSW, Australia — A&S Longrun Pty Ltd

Very pleased and impressed with the Iyashi Wand

Had my wand for about 3 weeks now. I am 68 years of age. The wand has been very effective in helping with a various health conditions. Greatly improved sleep. Prostate bladder problems improved so much that I no longer need medication for these. Shoulder stiffness and pain no longer a problem. Hip pain and stiffness non existant now. I keep my wand on my person all day and close to me at night. I have more energy and feel younger. I can work physically hard at gardening ext and not feel tired or have aches and pains the next day. 10 out of 10 for a great health and energy enhancing, easy to use device.

Testimonial By: Terry Schon  — Billericay, , United Kingdom

Cerra Water Review

After having stomach cancer and having most of my stomach removed staying hydrated is challenging for me. I am so happy I found this system. I can already feel the difference. No more bottled water for me.

Testimonial By: Theresa D.

Iyashi Wand Review

About a year ago I fell on the ice and tore my rotator cuff and injured my wrist. My doctor advised against surgery and encouraged me to let my body heal naturally over time. It has been a long and painful process with chronic pain still being an issue. Yesterday, however, a friend of mine used her Iyashi wand on my shoulder and wrist, and today I have absolutely no pain in either place. I can hardly believe it and will ordering a wand of my own ASAP!

Testimonial By: Carolyn Harrison

Iyashi Wand Review

I absolutely love my Iyashi Scalar Wand! I’ve had this wonderful little device for under a week, but in that time it has brought relief to problems that have been present for months. My brother-in-law suffers from a painful case of gout that caused his entire foot to swell. In under ten minutes of waving the wand across his foot, the swelling virtually disappeared right before our eyes, and his pain was greatly diminished. It was so amazing that I sent him home with the wand and am ordering another one right away!
Thank you so much,

Testimonial By: Lisa M. Sollenberger