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Wearing the Iyashi pendant increased our income

I started wearing my Iyashi pendant recommend by my intuitive massage therapist in 2020. It’s been 3 years now. My husband got 2 huge bonuses. And we sold our house at the peak of 2021 and we’re able to invest in 3 rental homes and 4 condos. We have doubled our income. I have Hashimotos and get thyroid headaches in the morning. I put the pendant up to my headache and it’s gone in a few minutes. My cat calms down when I pet him with my pendant and he is drawn to it. I have bought my Mom and aunt one. My Mom said it helps her sleep and feel a calm. I sleep with it and since my husband uses Starlink satellite. The IYASHI pendant protects me from EMF. I highly recommend it.

Testimonial By: Mandy L Lee  — Seattle, WA

Love my Energy wand and quartz pendant

I bought an Iyashi Scalar Energy wand and two quartz pendants about a month ago. I had been researching scalar energy, uses and best products and best ways to receive it. I was very impressed with all the supportive research and testimony on this site before I purchased. I was even more impressed with the very informative guide. The same day I received my wand I burnt my hand on some very hot rice. I sensed it was going to be a bad burn based on the heat and intense pain and I immediately put it under cold water. Then I remembered my wand and began a series of wanding it three times. In a about 30 minutes, all the pain vanished, and it never blistered! I was convinced! I have combined it with the Reiki energy and have found it to be a powerful combination. My son and I each wear the quartz crystal, and both find that it gives us greater balance.

Testimonial By: Debbie Gervickas  — Cape Coral, FL, United States

Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

I received my Wand in good time after ordering , and impressed with its wrapping and leather case.
I activated it as well and find it is great to stimulate various areas of my body and others too .
Also beside my bed on a table pointed to me , I feel it seems to assist with better sleep too
Overall find it all so interesting and love the product

Testimonial By: Alan Smith  — Sydney, NSW, Australia — A&S Longrun Pty Ltd

Very pleased and impressed with the Iyashi Wand

Had my wand for about 3 weeks now. I am 68 years of age. The wand has been very effective in helping with a various health conditions. Greatly improved sleep. Prostate bladder problems improved so much that I no longer need medication for these. Shoulder stiffness and pain no longer a problem. Hip pain and stiffness non existant now. I keep my wand on my person all day and close to me at night. I have more energy and feel younger. I can work physically hard at gardening ext and not feel tired or have aches and pains the next day. 10 out of 10 for a great health and energy enhancing, easy to use device.

Testimonial By: Terry Schon  — Billericay, , United Kingdom

Cerra Water Review

After having stomach cancer and having most of my stomach removed staying hydrated is challenging for me. I am so happy I found this system. I can already feel the difference. No more bottled water for me.

Testimonial By: Theresa D.