Profesional HQ Binaural Headphones

Profesional HQ Binaural Headphones

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Itsu Sync's HQ Binaural Headphones are designed specifically to reproduce binaural tones with preciseness and accuracy. The HQ Binaural Headphones by Itsu Sync reproduce the correct amount of bass, high frequencies, and mid-frequencies, in order to make the binaural tones not only properly audible (as regular speakers and headphones often cannot reproduce the bass frequencies at all), but also Itsu Sync's HQ Binaural Headphones reproduce the binaural tones so well that they are just as effective as the much more expensive in-lab equipment used by competition which is neither portable nor as easy to use. In short, Itsu Sync's HQ Binaural Headphones brings portability to binaural tones, and offers big value that you just won't find anywhere else.

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