Itsu Sync


Binaural tones are a way of healing your mind, and restoring your brain to a healthy state. By doing so, binaural tones are capable of restoring people back to a healthy state, and even improving your quality of life. Itsu Sync is a company which engineers binaural tones, tests them using a biofeedback technique in laboratory settings, and creates binaural tracks that can be used in the comfort of your home without the need for expensive equipment. Itsu Sync provides four different CD's, and a set of high quality binaural headphones: this is called the Itsu Pro Package. These four CD's each are used to target different frequencies in the brain, and bring your brain back to functioning as healthily as possible. Think of Itsu Sync like an all-natural multi-purpose vitamin for your brain: It brings you back to a balanced state of mind, and in turn your whole body follows.

Itsu Sync is based on neuroscience, and is a proven technology. Itsu Sync has long been in the works, and has provided so many patients with the relief they need. Patients with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, low energy, chronic headaches, muscle pains, and so much more have put their problems in the past through using Itsu Sync. Athletes and students alike have improved their performance by training using Itsu Sync. The possibilities of Itsu Sync are seemingly endless, since getting your brain working just right is often just what you need to let everything else unfold exactly how you need it to.

For binaural tones to function correctly, before Itsu Sync one had to visit a facility and spend thousands of dollars in order to balance themselves out. Itsu Sync's technology offers binaural tones which you can use in your own home. Itsu Sync's binaural tones are as effective as they are in expensive labs; with the HQ Binaural Headphones offered by Itsu Sync, you can experience their binaural tones with the absolute precision and accuracy found in a binaural neuroscience lab. Feel better than ever with Itsu Sync: Technology you can depend on, now made possible in the comfort of your home.