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Itsu Gamma CD

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Itsu Sync Gamma CD is designed to activate and increase your gamma brainwaves. Gamma brainwaves are the highest frequency of brainwave operating at 40Hz and above. Gamma brainwaves usually disappear when you are asleep and will become active when awake or engaged in high level mental activities. Gamma brainwaves are not an independent brainwave which means they are supported by delta, theta, alpha or beta brainwaves to be active. Unlike the other brainwaves where being over active or underactive can cause imbalances only a deficiency of gamma waves can cause problems. High gamma waves can improve your "higher mental actives" which include; concentration, studying, memorization, focus, problem solving, increased intelligence and the highest levels of meditation. They also improve your active processing for visual, auditory and touch. High gamma waves will keep you active and awake but with clean, calm bodily energy.

how to improve studying with binaural beats

What Itsu Sync does is produce the same frequency sounds as your natural brainwaves through the use of binaural beats in the 40Hz and above range. When your brain hears these frequencies it will naturally start trying to sync up with them and produce the same frequency itself. Gamma brainwaves are very hard to naturally produce all the time and through the use of the Itsu Sync Gamma CD and the other supporting Itsu Sync CD’s you can naturally raise your gamma brainwaves to enhance your higher level processing abilities.

The Itsu Sync Gamma CD contains 4 unique tracks which incorporate gamma binaural beats of 40Hz and above. Each track incorporates our unique oscillation technology that lets us deliver a wide range of gamma frequencies to you in a single track rather than just a constant tone. This technology will allow each track to deliver more powerful binaural beats to you which will work faster and more efficiently. Each track is different and has been professionally overlaid with upbeat and calming music to enhance your listening experience. You can play a sample below.

-The CD includes 4 tracks each 15 minutes in length for a total time of 1 hour

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Please put on your headphones to listen to the following sample track. Using speakers or low quality ear buds may not be able to produce the binaural tones and sounds from our tracks.


Benefits of the Itsu Sync Gamma CD

Increased Energy: Gamma binaural beats for energy stimulate the most active part of your brain waking you up and keeping you awake. Having high gamma waves in a natural energy stimulant when you need to feel active and awake. This raises your energy naturally giving you a clean calm energy feeling. This energy helps both stimulate your mind for mental tasks and body for physical tasks.
Higher Level Mental Activity: Stimulating the highest level of your brainwaves Itsu Sync Gamma binaural beats will improve your concentration studying, focus, memorization, problem solving and can raise your intelligence. People with high IQs regularly have high gamma brainwaves which they maintain throughout the day. Raising your gamma brainwaves is the best way to improve all these aspects of your brain.
Improved Active Processing: Improving your active processing simply means that your brain will process information you receive through sight, sound and touch faster. This allows you to essentially solve problems faster and more efficiently, have quicker reaction time, and recall information quicker. While IQ measures how much knowledge you have active processing measures how fast your brain works making it as important or even more important.
Enhanced Meditation: All the different rages of brainwaves are used during meditation but gamma brainwaves are active during the highest states of meditation. It has been found that Buddhist monks, when meditating, will almost instantly enter a very high gamma state of mind. High gamma waves, some degree, are also found with all types of experienced mediators. While it is best to start meditation using the Delta, Theta and Alpha CD’s you can eventually reach the highest level of meditation through listening to Itsu Syncs Gamma binaural beats.

For the Best Results

Using a single Itsu Sync CD will deliver great results for specific areas we always recommend using the full CD set for the best results. Our brains rely on all the different brainwaves to stay in sync and healthy so it is important to keep the entire brain balanced. When one range of brainwaves is imbalanced it can cause other parts of the brain to over or under compensate creating other imbalances.

How to Listen & Use of High Quality Headphones

To achieve the best results you need to use headphones as binaural beats are created though creating specific tones in your left and right ears. All our CD’s only contain the highest quality audio and to achieve a pure precise tone you must use high quality headphones. We provide the type of headphones needed with the correct frequency range individually or in our pro package at a very affordable price. These headphones are specifically designed for binaural beats and have a 10Hz to 24000Hz frequency response. If you have similar high quality headphones you may also use those instead.

When should I Use Itsu Sync?

You can listen to the Gamma CD anytime during the day or when you are engaging in the specific activity. For example if you are working or studying you can listen to the CD to improve your concentration, focus and overall attentiveness.

How often should I Use Itsu Sync?

You should listen to at least 1 track from each CD daily. You can listen to all the CD’s in a row or individually when engaging in specific activities like described before. You can listen to one track multiple times per day as you desire.

What Track should I listen to?

We suggest listen to only one track on each CD daily, for example on Monday listen to track 1 of the Beta CD then on Tuesday listen to track 2, Wednesday track 3, Thursday track 4 and on Friday back to track one. While each track contains the full range of frequencies they are interlaced differently and by changing which track you listen to daily it helps train your brain quicker achieving faster results.

Where should I listen to Itsu Sync?

It is best to listen in a quiet area with your eyes closed in a relaxed state; relax your mind and listen to the music. You may also listen while performing activities but outside sounds and focusing on non-related activities can distract the mind and you won't receive the benefits as quickly.