EMF | Pyramids & Cubes

Shieldite provides the best emf protection available. Shieldite protects against all forms of emfs including electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, wifi and microwaves. Shieldite transmutes these emfs to a harmless state rending it harmless to us. Shieldite Pyramids, Cubes, and Spheres have the ability to provide full EMF protection to entire rooms and everyone inside them.

Choose larger sized shieldite pieces to protect larger room or to protect against very strong EMFs. Turn your house or office space into a EMF free zone by strategically placing shieldite pieces in all your rooms. All our shieldite pieces are based on specific geometric properties that are designed to additionally help harmonize energy.

Product Image Item Name - Price
Shieldite - Brick 20x10x5cm

The Shieldite Brick is our largest piec...

Shieldite - Cube 4X4cm

The Shieldite 4x4cm Cube is the newest ...

Shieldite - Cube 8X8cm

The Shieldite 8x8cm Cube is the newest ...

Shieldite - Pyramid 4X4cm

The Shieldite 4x4cm pyramid is the newe...

Shieldite - Pyramid 8X8cm

The Shieldite 8x8cm pyramid is the newe...