EMF Protection Pendants

Shieldite emf protection pendants are the simplest way to protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Each pendant has a protection radius of 4-6 feet and can protect against all forms of emfs including electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies and microwaves. Shieldite transmutes these emfs to a harmless state rending it harmless to us.

Choose your favorite style as all shieldite emf protection pendants provide approximately equal emf protection. All the shapes are based on specific geometric properties that are designed to additionally help harmonize energy.

Product Image Item Name - Price
Shieldite - Oval Pendant

The Shieldite Oval Pendant is the newes...

Shieldite - Hoop Pendant

The Shieldite Hoop Pendant is the newes...

Shieldite - Circle in a Circle Pendant

The Shieldite Circle in a Circle Pendan...

Shieldite - Natural Cut Pendant

The Shieldite Natural Cut Pendant is th...

Shieldite - Leaf Pendant

The Shieldite Leaf Pendant is the newes...

Shieldite - Obelisk Drop Pendant

The Shieldite Obelisk Drop Pendant is t...

Shieldite - Obelisk Pendant

The Shieldite Obelisk Pendant is the ne...

Shieldite - Inverted Triangle Pendant

The Shieldite Inverted Triangle Pendant...

Shieldite - Triangle Pendant

The Shieldite Triangle Pendant is the n...