Grounding Plug

Grounding Plug

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  1. The Grounding Plug has a standard 3 prong plug for use with outlets in North America with a 6 foot wire with an alligator clip at the end.
  2. The grounding plug provides a simple way to ground your Shieldite or yourself.
  3. The ground plug can be used internationally with an adaptor. You will need to buy the adaptor that fits your electrical plug separately.
  4. Leave Shieldite grounded using the grounding plug to keep it working optimally.
  5. You can clip the grounding plug to any conductive metal to ground that object.


How To Use The Grounding Plug: The following instructions show you how to make a easy to use grounding pad to ground your Shieldite.

  1. Create a small pad out of aluminum foil. It can be any size.
  2. Connect the grounding plugs alligator clip to the aluminum foil pad.
  3. Plug the grounding plug into an outlet. (Note: When using a ground plug you should also check your home wiring system with a commercially available receptacle tester to check that your home ground wiring is working properly.)
  4. Touch any Shieldite to the grounding pad.