Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Wraps

Iyashi Infrared & magnetic wraps are advanced support wraps that combine the technology of infrared heat, magnets and BFIT infusion along with a modern joint support. Iyashi infrared joint wraps are available for the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, shoulder, back and neck. Iyashi infrared joint wraps take support wraps and infrared technology to a new level.

The Infrared heat is produced through fused tourmaline and germanium on the joint wraps. Infrared heat provides a natural pleasent soothing heat. Infrared heat can help reduce discomfort, aid in recovery and increase blood flow to the area. Powerful magnets are placed inside some of the wraps to provide additional benefits. Finally each joint wrap uses BFIT infusion to provide a full spectrum of beneficial subtle energy patterns into the wrap.

Iyashi infrared wraps can be worn against the skin or over a thin piece of clothing for the best results. When worn against the skin the infrared heat can become quite intense, this happens when the wraps are worn snuggly around the area keeping the infrared heat concentrated on the area. Infrared heat has many benefits and cannot cause any damage to the body. If you feel the heat too intense we suggest wearing the wrap over a thin piece of clothing or wearing the wrap a little looser. We suggest wearing the Iyashi infrared wraps for at least 15-20 minutes but they can be worn throughout the day daily.

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Iyashi Infrared Ankle Wrap

The Iyashi infrared ankle wrap fits com...

Iyashi Infrared Elbow Wrap

The Iyashi Infrared elbow wrap fits com...

Iyashi Infrared Hand Wrap

The Iyashi infrared hand wrap fits comf...

Iyashi Infrared Knee Wrap

The Iyashi Infrared knee wrap fits comf...

Iyashi Infrared Neck Wrap

The Iyashi infrared neck wrap fits comf...

Iyashi Infrared Shoulder Wrap

The Iyashi infrared shoulder wrap fits ...

Iyashi Infrared Wrist Wraps

The Iyashi infrared wrist wraps can fit...