Cerra Water

Experience purity in your drinking water as nature intended. Cerra Water provides the best and most affordable water ionizers available to the market. Cerra Water incorporates bioceramic and mineral filter technologies in order to naturally filter your water without electricity. Cerra Water products will help alkalize your body, load your water with anti-oxidants, improve micro-clusters in the water, add essential minerals to your water, and removes chlorine and heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.
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Cerra Water Pitcher

Convenient for home, office or travelin...

Cerra Water Replacement Filters (3 pack)

Cerra replacement cartridges fit in the...


The Cerragizer is a tea bag full of Cer...

Single Cerra Filter

Cerra replacement cartridges fit in the...

pH Testing Drops

PH testing drops are designed for testi...