Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants


Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants

Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants are the authentic and original Full Spectrum Scalar Energy Pendant. Using our proprietary Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (B.F.I.T.) each pendant is infused with over 18000+ beneficial scalar energy frequencies. Our Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants helps align your scalar energy field and energetic systems including; harmonizing your bio-field, protecting from EMFs, aligning chakras, clearing energy blockages and much more.

  • The main Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants combine a mixture of 8 different crystals which are infused with B.F.I.T. These are our best full spectrum scalar energy pendants which combine chakra aligning crystals infused with 18000+ beneficial scalar energy frequencies. With a full spectrum of crystals and infused frequencies this Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant does it all!
  • Our individual Crystal Point pendants come in 16 different crystal types infused using B.F.I.T. with 18000+ scalar energy frequencies. Each Iyashi® Crystal Point Scalar Energy Pendant provides a specialized scalar energy signature of the natural crystal it’s made with. 16 different types to provide a wide variety of specialized energy signatures to meet your unique needs.
iyashi scalar energy pendant