Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

iyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant

The Best Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants

Iyashi offers the best quantum scalar energy pendants which come in various styles to provide you with the perfect scalar energy pendant. There are two main types to choose from; the Iyashi pendant Crystal Series and the classic Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendants. All Iyashi scalar energy pendants are infused with our proprietary BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology (B.F.I.T.) which infuses over 18000+ beneficial subtle energy frequencies into the scalar pendants.

Benefits of Iyashi Pendants

The main difference between the two styles of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants is the Crystal Series all have unique energy signatures while the Negative Ion Series has one general overall energy signature but also generates over 4000+ negative ions per minute! Both Series of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants carry the following benefits as well.

  • -Strengthens Bio-field
  • -Balance Chakras
  • -Strengthen Aura
  • -Strengthen and repair your zero point field
  • -Strengthens energetic bio-field
  • -Helps buffer & protect EMFs
  • -Clears energy blockages
  • -Advanced accelerated energetic healing
  • -Clear negative energy in Bio-field
  • -Infused with over 18000+ scalar energy frequencies with BFIT


For maximum EMF protection add a Shieldite Pendant. Shieldite is the ULTIMATE PROTECTOR for EMFs and works synergistically with the Iyashi Pendant for EMF protection.

Types of Iyashi Pendants

Crystal Series Pendants

iyashi crystal scalar pendants

-BFIT 18000+ subtle energy frequencies

-No Negative Ions

-16 Unique Crystal Energies

-Made of natural crystals

-Light EMF Protection

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  • Negative Ion Pendants

    iyashi negative ion pendant

    -BFIT 18000+ subtle energy frequencies

    -4000+ negative ions per minute

    -One Energy Signature

    -Made of Iyashi Ceramics

    -Medium EMF Protection

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  • Full Spectrum Scalar Energy Infusion

    Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are the ONLY Full Spectrum energy pendant available containing over 18000+ subtle energy patterns. This is made possible through Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) which is an infusion technology that imprints a full spectrum, of vibration frequencies into the pendants. These thousands of vibrational frequencies affect different parts of your body's bio-field bringing them back into balance having the ability to benefit wellness.

    The Full Spectrum infusion provides complete balance and support for your entire energy system, chakras, and meridians. Our Full Spectrum Infusion is what sets Iyashi Pendants apart from the rest; most pendants on the market actually have no subtle energy infusion and just rely on the negative ionic output. The Iyashi Pendants are designed as a complete holistic wellness solution on many levels including the emotional and energetic levels.

    scalar energy pendant infusion process

    Iyashi Pendants are the combination of natural healing crystals and new innovative technology combined in a traditional design.

    iyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant

    Negative Ions in Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

    If you are looking for negative ions from your scalar energy pendant Iyashi’s Negative Ions Scalar Energy pendants provide one of the highest and more consistent negative ionic outputs. Negative ions act like anti-oxidants in the air providing free electrons to us. They stop free radicals damage and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

    Negative ions can be produced by a variety of different methods. The negative ions from the Iyashi Pendant are generated by Piezoelectric Currents which occur in the materials we use. Piezoelectric currents come from certain crystals and ceramics; they produce tiny electrical charges which release excess electrons which are our negative ions. This provides a bountiful and never-ending supply of negative ions.

    The Negative Ionic output varies per pendant (larger pendants having a higher output) but on average the ionic output of Iyashi Pendants is 4000+ negative ions per minute. By keeping the pendant close to your skin you can receive the most benefits.

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  • iyashi crystal pendant

    Natural Crystal Energy ( Crystal Series )

    Each crystal has its own natural energy which is the dominant energy found in that crystal. This makes each Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendant unique even though they all are infused with the same Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. Each crystal’s energy is unique in how it impacts your bio-field with different energies each promoting different things such as abundance, love, grounding, calmness, clarity etc. We have over a dozen different Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants available to give you a wide selection to choose the crystal which will best resonate with you for a more personalized energetic experience.

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  • Technology & Research - Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants


    Our two series of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants combine the following different technologies.

    Technologies used in the Iyashi Negative Ion Pendants: Iyashi Ceramics + Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology.

    Technologies used in the Crystal Series Iyashi Pendants: Natural Crystals + Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology.


    Iyashi Ceramics in Negative Ion Iyashi Pendants

    Iyashi Ceramics is the material in our negative ion series of scalar pendants. The Iyashi Ceramics are crushed into a concentrated powdered and put inside the metal casing of the pendant. Iyashi Ceramics start by using a selection of crystals and crystalline minerals. These are taken and heated to 3000F degrees until they reach a liquid state and then are cooled. This process of heating and cooling is repeated 9 times. This is considered a “Fusion” process as all the different crystals are fused together into a ceramic material. This creates the material we use which is either hardened into a mold of our pendant or inserted inside a metal casing. By repeating the process 9 times it creates a higher quality even distribution of the different crystals. This material carries many of the properties of the original crystals and other minerals used including.

    • -Negative Ionic output
    • -Far-infrared energy
    • -Natural vibrational frequencies of the crystals used.
    scalar energy pendant infusion process


    Crystal Energies in Crystal Series Iyashi Pendants

    We use a variety of different crystals in our new series of Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants. Each of these crystals has their own unique subtle energy based on the composition of the crystal. Most crystals are “quartz” based but vary depending on the combinations of different elements and minerals that are present. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as subtle energy tools due to their innate properties. Each crystal carries its own select set of vibrational frequencies, this is the natural scalar energy found in the crystal. When we infuse the crystals with our full spectrum of frequencies there is overlapping in the infused frequencies and the natural vibrational frequencies found in the crystal. Our full spectrum infusion is based on natural frequencies to being with, so naturally it will contain some of the same vibrational frequencies originally found in the crystals.

    The full spectrum infusion process helps amplify the already existing energies making them more dominant. This leaves the crystal still retaining is natural healing properties but also having the benefits of the underling full spectrum infusion process. You now have the choice of a unique Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant while still receiving the benefits of the full spectrum infusion.

    iyashi ceramic technology


    Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology in all Iyashi Pendants

    Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology, BFIT for short, is a method in which we infuse subtle energy patterns (This is the Scalar Energy also known as vibrational frequencies) into the pendant. A vibrational frequency is similar to the energy that comes from a crystal. What BFIT does is infuse over 18000+ benefits frequencies into the pendant making it more powerful the just a single crystal alone.

    Everything and everyone carries a vibrational frequency and when we are sick or in pain our vibrational frequency lowers, when we introduce the correct frequency to the body it will raise up to the correct level which allows the body to naturally heal itself. This is how the Iyashi Pendant works as it carries over 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies that fully cover all aspects of the body rather than just a small spectrum of healing frequencies.

    What is BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology)

    BFIT, a quantum infusion technology, is the key behind the many years of success of all Iyashi products. Iyashi's BFIT process (which stands for “Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) involves each Iyashi Pendant going through an individual infusing process. A trained Vibrascan technician then tests each bracelet individually to ensure the energetic patterns have been properly infused, and the ionic output is precise. The Iyashi Pendant is the only scalar bracelet to bring your zero-point energy field back into phase lock. It is ideal to always keep your energy field connected to the zero point field. You are born connected (phase-locked) to the zero point field and it is through accident, emotional upsets, or aggressive energetic interventions into your field that the connection is disturbed or broken in an area of your energetic field. Using BFIT infused energy products will help harmonize your innate connection to source, instructing your innate wisdom how to harmonize your bio-field.

    What is Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology?
    What Is BFIT?
    Individual Batches
    Iyashi wands, bracelets and pendants go through small-batch infusion processes in order to ensure optimum quality and effectiveness. We cannot show you our proprietary BFIT and its process but once the product is cleaned, it is put through a very specific infusion process under very precise conditions. Once each product is infused, it moves on to the Vibrascan testing to ensure the product meets our high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
    iyashi pendant vibrascan tested

    BFIT Infusion
    We have spent thousands of hours developing the energy signatures found in our wands, pendants, and bracelets. Our unique full-spectrum technology emits thousands of unique subtle energy frequencies that the bio-field recognizes and responds tos. These subtle energy patterns are made from thousands of individual frequencies which relate to different parts of the bio-field. After our wands have been infused, each is individually tested on a VibraScan1100 by a trained technician to ensure their energy levels are absolutely correct.
    iyashi pendant vibrascan tested

    VibraScan 1100 Testing
    Medical gloves are worn during the entire testing process to minimize subtle energy passage from the technician into the wands. The Iyashi wands are finely tuned energetic instruments which are highly responsive when close to or in contact with someone. We keep our EMF protection Shieldite in the testing room during the testing process to eliminate any EMF and other subtle energy contamination, and ensure the wands maintain their correct calibration during the infusion process.
    iyashi pendant vibrascan testing

    Once each Iyashi wand is tested, it is placed in its own box with an authenticity card. Each card is imbedded with a special bio-ceramic powder in order to act as a negative ion generator; this gives the customer a free continuous source of negative ions that they can carry in a pocket. Iyashi Bracelets, Iyashi Pendants, undergo similar finishing treatments. Products are sent to our fulfillment house centers in White Rock BC, Canada and Blaine Washington, USA to be shipped to you.
    iyashi pendant certification

    What is Scalar Energy?

    The vibrational frequencies are essentially the type of scalar energy infused in the pendants. Scalar energy refers to any frequency of energy which is carried through scalar waves. Our BFIT imprints these 18000+ frequencies on the scalar energy level. Scalar energy emits a field of its frequency that will fill the surrounding environment. When it passes through solid objects like yourself you pick up on that energy. When your body picks up this energy it raises it to the correct vibrational frequency realigning your bio-field. Since the scalar energy infused is a vibration it lasts forever and never depletes.

    It is important that the correct scalar energy patterns are infused in the pendant. This is what makes the Iyashi Pendants so unique is they are the only ones to carry a full spectrum of these vibrational frequencies. Since scalar energy falls under the principles of quantum physics we can hold thousands of different vibrational frequencies simultaneously.

    To understand what scalar energy encompasses it can in a simplistic view be seen as:

    Scalar Energy = Subtle Energy = Vibrational Frequencies

    Vibration Frequencies can be measured in Hetz (Hz). You may be familiar with the Shuman Resonance which is 7.83Hz. This is just one scalar energy frequency that can be carried. With our Full Spectrum Infusion we carry a complete range of these frequencies in all the different intervals as each individual frequency as a specific impact on a certain area in our body.

    How to Choose the Right Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant

    All the different crystals have their own natural traits which is the most present energy found in them. While all crystals can be used for great overall well-being, work on all the chakras, and can be worn with any other pendants the chart below lists the areas they are strongest in.

    Main Traits
    Main traits are the main keywords used to describe the natural intrinsic energy of the crystal. Each crystal might have a wider spectrum of energy but these main traits help you differentiate their features.

    The chakra or chakras listed are the primary and secondary chakras the crystals are most compatible with. These are the main chakras that correspond with the strongest energy the crystal has but they can be used on other chakras.

    Best Compatible Pendants
    The best compatible crystals are the other crystals they work with synergistically. These are the crystals that amplify each other to receive maximum benefits.  You can use any combination of crystals together but should first use them separately to get used to their individual energy before using them together. The best compatible crystals can immediately be used together.

    Zodiac symbols can give you insight into your personality and traits. Each of the crystal’s properties are slightly more compatible with certain personality types. Seeing the zodiac compatibility can help give you some guidance as to what crystal may be a good choice.


    Comparison Chart of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

    Pendant Type Main Traits Chakra Best compatible crystals Zodiac
    Poppy Jasper Grounding, memory, animals Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Scorpio
    Kiwi Jasper Nurturing, Healers Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius
    Red Jasper Nurturing, Justice, Passion, Grounding Root Tigers Eye, other Jaspers Aries, Scorpio
    Green Aventurine Luck, Success, Wealth, Prosperity Heart Moss Agate, Shieldite Virgo, Taurus
    Amethyst Meditation Physic abilities, lucid dreams Third Eye, Crown Quartz, Howlite, Dumortierite Pisces Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
    Rose Quartz Love, happiness, calmness Heart, Thymus, Throat Rhodonite Libra, Taurus
    Tiger Eye Protection, Determination, confidence, Solar Plexus Malachite, all Jaspers Gemini, Capricorn
    Rhodonite Self Love, Emotional balance, Confidence Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Rose Quartz, Taurus
    Fluorite Clarity, focus, intelligence Third Eye, Crown Lapis lazuli Capricorn, Pisces
    Dumortierite Patience, guidance, transformation, psychic gifts Third eye, Throat Amethyst Leo
    Howlite Calm, awareness, peace Crown Amethyst Gemini, Virgo
    Lapis Lazuli Truth, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, communication Throat, Third eye Fluorite Libra, Sagittarius
    Malachite Amplifier of energy, emotional cleanser, absorbs negative energy, protection Heart, Throat Tigers eye Capricorn, Scorpio
    Quartz Amplify energy, High Vibration, general well being All All All
    Goldstone Strength, positivity, stimulation, reflects negative energy. Sacral, Root, solar plexus   Sagittarius
    Moss Agate Abundance, Growth, Nature Heart, Crown Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine Virgo

    Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants Compared to other Scalar Pendants

    Key facts about the Iyashi Pendants
    1. Only Full Spectrum Pendants in the world infused with BFIT
    2. Contain over 18000+ beneficial vibrational healing frequencies
    3. Made of Iyashi Ceramics (Negative Ion Series), or Natural Crystal (Crystal Series )
    4. Over 16 unique subtle energy signatures (Crystal Series )
    5. Has powerful negative ionic output. (Negative Ion Series)
    6. Each Pendant is individually VibraScan 1100 tested.
    7. Individual serial number on pendant. (Negative Ion Series)
    8. Authenticity card acts as a “scalar energy card” and has been embedded with negative ions.
    9. Come with a lifetime Guarantee & Satisfaction Guarantee

    Comparison of Scalar Energy Pendants



    Negative Ions



    Return policy


    Iyashi Negative Ion Pendant



    Crystal Ceramic

    Life Time

    30 days

    Perfect combination of negative ions and subtle energy infusion for maximum benefits

    Iyashi Crystal Scalar Pendants



    Natural Crystal (16 types)

    Life Time

    30 days

    Ideal for unique and specific subtle energy patterns.

    Fusion Excel Quantum Science Pendant



    Japanese Volcanic Mineral

    14 days

    0-14 days

    Released one of the first scalar pendants based around negative ions.

    Other Quantum Pendant
    (knock offs)



    Chinese Volcanic Minerals



    A knock off of the Original Fusion Excell pendant all of these pendants are cheap knock offs from China

    Dalimara Pendants



    Varies – Made in China

    30 days

    30 day w/ 18% restocking fee

    Sells a large variety of pendants made in China




    Quartz Crystal

    30 days

    30 days

    Infused with AMized fusion Technology.

    Tachyon Pendants




    None Posted

    None posted

    Tachyon Pendants have a unique subtle energy infusion called Tachyon energy


    Natural Orgon Energy


    Crystal + metal + epoxy



    A pendant anyone can make. The combination of materials harmonizes negative energy.





    90 days

    90 days

    Uses a combination of Crystal and Geometric Shapes called “circuits” to harmonize the energy

    Iyashi Pendants provide superior performance while still being more affordable then other popular scalar energy pendants!

    What is the difference between all these Scalar Energy Pendant?

    It can get confusing with all these different scalar energy pendants deciding which one suits you and what the pendant actually does. While we have worked to design the best overall pendant with could with the Iyashi Pendant it is important to understand the differences in technology and the other merits these other pendants hold.

    Infusion Technology Vs Fusion Technology

    These two technologies get mixed up a lot but they are very different.

    1. An Infusion Technology is a method of infusing subtle energy patterns into a finished pendant or crystal. This is done on a vibrational frequency level. You will not find this type of technology in any generic scalar pendants. Like Iyashi other major companies have developed their own infusion technology but not all of them have.
    2. Fusion Technology refers to when the pendant is made from a mold through heating the crystals or other minerals to a liquid and cooling them, this process usually actives the negative ionic output in the pendant. This is a similar process that happens with the Iyashi Pendant, Fusion Excel pendant and similar looking knockoffs. Crystal pendants like the tachyon pendants, Eamega pendants and Orgonite do not go through this process.

    You will notice that the Iyashi Pendant is the only pendant that carries both these properties of having a subtle energy infusion (BFIT) and goes through a fusion process creating a negative ionic pendant. Traditionally companies with subtle energy infusion technology used only crystals and in contrast the pendants like the Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant were only based on negative ions.

    Iyashi Pendants: Through the combination of Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology and powerful negative ions Iyashi Pedants provides the best combination of healing technologies to impact your well-being. Iyashi Pendants are designed for everyone with multiple different types to choose from. They can help strengthen your bio field and protect from EMFs simultaneously while giving you all the other benefits expected from a scalar energy pendant.

    Fusion Excel Quantum Science Pendant: While this pendant just provides negative ions it does do a good job. The authentic ones are made out of quality materials and do have a strong negative ionic output of 4000+. Beware of fakes as the internet is riddled with poor quality imitations from China. (Authentic ones cost over $100)

    Other Quantum Science Pendants: These are all knock offs of the Fusion Excel Pendants which are made in China. Some have good negative ionic outputs some have very poor negative ionic outputs. Overall they are made from lower quality materials but are usually quite cheap and found on ebay and amazon and some other smaller retailers.

    Eamega Pendant: These contain quartz crystals contained in a metal case which have been infused with their AMized Fusion Technology (AFT). While these pendants do carry their own unique infusion technology they do not have any negative ions. From the tests we have done their infusion has a very small spectrum of infused frequencies which resonate with some people but not all.

    Tachyon Pendants: There are many Tachyon products they are all infused with the same Tachyon Energy. This is a unique subtle energy infusion they use on mainly crystal based products. From our tests the infusion is a unique energy pattern that is strong. Some people resonate with this vibrational frequency while others do not.

    Orgon Pendant: This type of pendant is based on principles of orgon energy which essentially harmonizes negative energy into positive energy. These pendants are made with crystals, resin and metal shavings. The combinational of the resin (organic material) and metal shavings (inorganic material) attract ambient “dead” energy and the crystal re-energizes into positive energy. The effectiveness is largely based on how powerful the crystal you use and the correct ratio mix of the other 2 components. You could actually use material from our Iyashi Pendants or other products in place of the crystal and create a very powerful Orgonite pendant.

    EarthCalm: Earthcalm pendants are based on natural healing crystals and the natural harmonizing effects of certain geometric shapes which they call “circuits”. Certain geometric shapes do impact energy and sometimes can smooth it out harmonizing it, which is very popular with pyramids etc. While using these geometric shapes or “circuits” in their pendants can enhance the power of a natural crystal we do not think it justifies their almost $300 price tag. You can find other crystal pendants in these shapes for $20-$30 if you are interested in having a crystal pendant.

    What is an SE pendant?

    Sometimes people confuse a SE pendant with a specific brand but SE simply stands for Scalar Energy. So a “SE Pendant” is a “Scalar Energy Pendant” which can refer to any type of scalar energy pendant.


    Iyashi Source products are some of the most highly regarded in the industry and because of that we receive hundreds of positive testimonials. Below are real testimonials from real people that include Doctors, health professionals and many others.

    The first day I started wearing my Iyashi pendant my massage business went from only $50 a week all winter long to over $300 that first week, I look forward to a whole new life of prosperity, & now my wife and I are getting along much better, prays God!
    By Joel Quinn Antinazi
    I got hit by a bat on Saturday across the nose. A five stitch cut and a fracture. During this whole time I was pain free. I mean ZERO pain . I was wearing my iyashi pendant.WOW. No swelling and no black and blue eyes. GREAT PENDANT. This event happened on Saturday and I am still wearing the pendant and STILL have ZERO pain. I feel the Dr. could have applied the five stitches to my nose without numbing the wound. I am not Superman, but , I felt that way with the strength and courage I had on Saturday. Oh, I didn't mention I have Panic Disorder. I was so calm. Thanks for this wonderful pendant.
    Bob Salyi
    Thank you very much for replying so quickly, my head ache is gone now, left the pendant on through the night and actually feel pretty awesome today. Very happy I found your website, it's good to know there are people out there trying to help the rest of us repair ourselves in such a unique way. Keep up the good work. :D
    by David Michael
    I love my green adventurine pendant
    by Bibby Y
    I love my pendant, it works great for clearing negative energies, and now I am moving into my new home next week thanks to the help of this wonderful pendant, and I am kind of new to this type of technology, but I think it is awesome, keep it up guys.
    by Jeremy Weaver
    My girlfriend belonged to an expensive dating service. She was disappointed in the dates she met. At 66 she thought she was not pretty enough to attract the right man. After she started to wearing Iyashi pendant she had so many dates with “good possibilities” she had difficulty juggling them. It was a delight to see that her self-confidence in her desirability turn positive. She has now been seeing one of those dates for the last 6 months and she tells us that she has never had a relationship that was so romantic and thoughtful. Last week he told her that she was the prettiest lady at the Opera.
    by Peggy Brauer
    When I wear the Iyashi Pendant I notice that it protects me from negative projections of other people. I feel encased in a positive energy field. The first time I wore I was dreading this meeting this very confrontational person. The meeting went great and the person actually apologized to me! After a while I felt the pendant was not working like it did in the beginning but when I followed the instructions on grounding, it was as good as new. Since wearing the pendant for months now I noticed that my life is getting easier and my relationship have improved.
    by Heide S
    I still use it more than the wand, by taping it to problem sites and keeping it there over night.
    By Bodo
    Thank you so much! It was helping me sleep about an extra hour everyday and I've missed that the last few days...you may keep the chain...I have one that's pretty indestructible...again...thanks so much...you guys are wonderful!
    by Anne W

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do all the pendants have B.F.I.T.?'

    Yes, every pendant is infused with a full spectrum of beneficial vibrational frequencies using our proprietary BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology.

    What Is The Difference Between The Pendants?

    Each Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant has its own unique energy signature based on the crystal it is made of. Read up about the different crystals and choose the one you are most interested in.

    Do The Iyashi Pendants Protect From EMFs?

    Yes, the Iyashi Pendants are an energy harmonizer so can strengthen your energetic systems against EMFs. They are not as effective as Shieldite but are a great additional form of EMF protection. Learn about the different levels of EMF protection HERE

    What makes the Iyashi Pendant different than the Iyashi wand?

    Both are infused with the same full spectrum of vibrational frequencies but the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants vary more depending on the type of crystal they are made of. Each different crystal has its own unique traits which are dominant in the Iyashi Pendant. Also the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are designed to be used passively, worn around the neck, while the wand is best used and activated through different techniques.

    How long will the Iyashi pendant take to work?

    Some people may notice results instantly, while  some may take hours or days before they notice the effects the pendant is having on them. This is because everyone’s condition is different and the Iyashi pendants work on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it.  If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work.  Patience is required to give the pendant enough time to  break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

    I can’t feel anything when I hold the pendant. Is it faulty?

    No, the pendant is not faulty. Every pendant is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. As the pendants are more passive we recommend you wear them for at least a week to see the changes in your life. Subtle energy isn’t always something you notice as it can gradually take effect over time but what can be noticeable is when you remove it from your energy field.

    How do the Iyashi Pendants work?

    The Iyashi Pendants work by changing the frequencies in your energy field from those that can be dysfunctional to more functional frequencies. The vortex created by wearing the pendant facilitates positive change that enhances life and well-being.

    How long will my Iyashi Pendant last? Does it have to be recharged?

    Your Iyashi pendant should last a life time as long as you properly care for it. This includes cleansing it regularly and avoiding leaving it in strong electromagnetic fields for multiple hours on end.

    Can I give my Iyashi Pendant to anyone to use.

    We recommend only you use your Iyashi Pendant. Sharing energetic instruments, especially crystals, is not always a good idea as they take on their users’ energy. If you do, make sure to cleanse the crystal afterwards.

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