Iyashi Crystal Scalar Pendants


How to Choose the Right Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant


Our regular Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants provide a full spectrum of beneficial scalar energy frequencies; you get the best of all worlds with these. We recommend this pendant for most people, otherwise if you want a more specific scalar energy pendant we suggest our Iyashi® Crystal Point Scalar Energy Pendant Series. The Iyashi® Crystal Point Scalar Energy Pendants come in 16 different specialized energy signatures to meet your unique needs. You may choose one of these if you want to benefit more from their specific traits.


Combining Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants

All Iyashi® products are designed to work synergistically together so you can combine the different Iyashi® Pendants together if you would like to receive the benefits of both.
If you are looking for EMF protection we suggest combining the Iyashi® Full Spectrum Scalar Energy Pendants with Iyashi® EMF Protection stones. This combination will provide the best overall personal protection from EMF’s or any other types of electromagnetic radiation.


How to Choose the Right Iyashi® Crystal Point Scalar Energy Pendant

All the different crystals have their own natural traits which is the most present energy found in them. While all crystals can be used for great overall well-being, work on all the chakras, and can be worn with any other pendants the chart below lists the areas they are strongest in.

Main Traits
Main traits are the main keywords used to describe the natural intrinsic energy of the crystal. Each crystal might have a wider spectrum of energy but these main traits help you differentiate their features.

The chakra or chakras listed are the primary and secondary chakras the crystals are most compatible with. These are the main chakras that correspond with the strongest energy the crystal has but they can be used on other chakras.

Best Compatible Pendants
The best compatible crystals are the other crystals they work with synergistically. These are the crystals that amplify each other to receive maximum benefits.  You can use any combination of crystals together but should first use them separately to get used to their individual energy before using them together. The best compatible crystals can immediately be used together.

Zodiac symbols can give you insight into your personality and traits. Each of the crystal’s properties are slightly more compatible with certain personality types. Seeing the zodiac compatibility can help give you some guidance as to what crystal may be a good choice.


Comparison Chart of Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants

Pendant Type Main Traits Chakra Best compatible crystals Zodiac
Poppy Jasper Grounding, memory, animals Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Scorpio
Kiwi Jasper Nurturing, Healers Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius
Red Jasper Nurturing, Justice, Passion, Grounding Root Tigers Eye, other Jaspers Aries, Scorpio
Green Aventurine Luck, Success, Prosperity Heart Moss Agate, Shieldite Virgo, Taurus
Amethyst Meditation Physic abilities, lucid dreams Third Eye, Crown Quartz, Howlite, Dumortierite Pisces Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
Rose Quartz Love, happiness, calmness Heart, Thymus, Throat Rhodonite Libra, Taurus
Tiger Eye Protection, Determination, confidence, Solar Plexus Malachite, all Jaspers Gemini, Capricorn
Rhodonite Self Love, Emotional balance, Confidence Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Rose Quartz, Taurus
Fluorite Clarity, focus, intelligence Third Eye, Crown Lapis lazuli Capricorn, Pisces
Dumortierite Patience, guidance, transformation, psychic gifts Third eye, Throat Amethyst Leo
Howlite Calm, awareness, peace Crown Amethyst Gemini, Virgo
Lapis Lazuli Truth, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, communication Throat, Third eye Fluorite Libra, Sagittarius
Malachite Amplifier of energy, emotional cleanser, absorbs negative energy, protection Heart, Throat Tigers eye Capricorn, Scorpio
Quartz Amplify energy, High Vibration, general well being All All All
Goldstone Strength, positivity, stimulation, reflects negative energy. Sacral, Root, solar plexus   Sagittarius
Moss Agate Abundance, Growth, Nature Heart, Crown Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine Virgo