Healthy Wave Grounding Sheet Improved Sleep

I have had sleeping issues for a long while. I thought they were related to lack of oxygen since I am using a CPAP machine. With some extra testing, lack of oxygen during sleep wasn't the problem. Then I notice my sleep pattern getting worse. I only getting about 3 hours of sleep and I had brain fog when I was awake. A friend of mine and I did some checking. It turned out someone had bought a new EV and the plug in for her car was right above my head. The EMF's from the newly created electrical panel that was right by my bed in the outside wall!

I knew that Pamela carried EMF protection products. In talking to her she said she had something more effective than other products I tried .... a shielding sheet. I bought the smallest sheet she had based on my budget and despite my skepticism.

When it received the small light weight sheet I was again skeptical. I started to use it when I went to bed.
My sleep immediately improved.I also felt a level of relaxation. In spite of its light wait I felt like I had a large cozy Blanket on me. I also use it, draped around me, when I am watching TV or chatting on the phone.

It also has a ground capability that I never used. But my sleep improved by a few hours a night which was a miracle for me. Definitely a great addition to my health care

Testimonial By: Donna W.