Wearing the Iyashi pendant increased our income

I started wearing my Iyashi pendant recommend by my intuitive massage therapist in 2020. It’s been 3 years now. My husband got 2 huge bonuses. And we sold our house at the peak of 2021 and we’re able to invest in 3 rental homes and 4 condos. We have doubled our income. I have Hashimotos and get thyroid headaches in the morning. I put the pendant up to my headache and it’s gone in a few minutes. My cat calms down when I pet him with my pendant and he is drawn to it. I have bought my Mom and aunt one. My Mom said it helps her sleep and feel a calm. I sleep with it and since my husband uses Starlink satellite. The IYASHI pendant protects me from EMF. I highly recommend it.

Testimonial By: Mandy L Lee  — Seattle, WA