Love my Energy wand and quartz pendant

I bought an Iyashi Scalar Energy wand and two quartz pendants about a month ago. I had been researching scalar energy, uses and best products and best ways to receive it. I was very impressed with all the supportive research and testimony on this site before I purchased. I was even more impressed with the very informative guide. The same day I received my wand I burnt my hand on some very hot rice. I sensed it was going to be a bad burn based on the heat and intense pain and I immediately put it under cold water. Then I remembered my wand and began a series of wanding it three times. In a about 30 minutes, all the pain vanished, and it never blistered! I was convinced! I have combined it with the Reiki energy and have found it to be a powerful combination. My son and I each wear the quartz crystal, and both find that it gives us greater balance.

Testimonial By: Debbie Gervickas  — Cape Coral, FL, United States