Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

I am a therapist, and bought an iyashi wand to use on myself, reason being I experienced chronic fatigue and needed a help. When the wand arrived I used it on myself and my energy levels improved, a relative suffered from insomnia for years and nothing helped! I used it on her for half an hour and afterwards she slept soundly for first time in years, I used it on a few clients - that had chronic pain, bodily aches and they found it helped. The clients and relatives I used it on also wanted to have their own wands so within one week I ordered 15 more! I used the wand to do a facial on myself and received comments that my skin has a healthy glow and look rejuvenated. Just another plus, most of all within one week my energy levels improved and I don't feel drained all the time.

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