Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

As discussed here my review of the amazing Iyashi Wand. Before I received the Wand I watched some videos and read the Iyashi book that you kindly sent me , so I was a bit informed beforehand. One thing that was frequently mentioned was that people could sleep very well with the Wand next to them at night. Naturally after I received the Wand and used it briefly I wanted to try this out and test for myself if my sleep would improve... haha it didn't but something far more amazing happened in the first night. I first want to state that I didn't had any expectations just plain curiosity, also I am eating mostly organic and I am quite sensitive to energies as I am familiar with energy healing etc ( as a patient not a healer ).
I woke up in the middle of the night ( my head was pointed towards the Wand ) with closed eyes I could see a very orange/yellow energy and strongly felt it penetrating my head. At this point I didn't think of the wand as I had rare experiences like this before ( after what you could call energy sessions ) but the colour was different. After a while of feeling this strong energy I turned around ( with my back facing the wand ) and this is when I realized that this energy power came from the wand as I could feel such a strong energy wall building up behind me ( the full length of my body 6"1) , it was just unbelievable. The intensity of the energy was so strong that i literally felt as my body would be pushed away. I can't remember for how long this went on and how long it took to get back to sleep but I'll never forget the intensity.... this super strong energy wall. Anyway I can only suggest to anyone to use it but not to forget that we always need a holistic approach , so you're food has to be right and also we always have to work on our thoughts.

Maurice, London UK
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