Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

As Reiki Masters, my wife and I have an understanding of the energetics. We work diligently to bring people to light and treat chronic ailments. We work with clients and bring their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into balance. Given the current toxic environment, we need appropriate tools to retain health and well-being and such a tool is the Iyashi Wand. Our experience with the wand includes the following:
• My wife and I use the wand on ourselves for health maintenance and anti-aging, stress management, body detoxification, improving immunity and increasing vitality–currently, there being no chronic ailment in the family.
• On others, we have used the wand in conjunction with Reiki to treat chronic conditions ranging from:
-osteoporosis of the back ( a fifty years old person having the spine of a seventy five years old person) for healing and pain management;
-rheumatoid arthritis to deal with pain and joint swelling;
-anxiety (trauma-related during child birth) for restoring harmony and balance;
-chronic skin condition (eight months) comprising rash across the body and puslike infestation on the souls of the feet (with the medical community diagnosing it variously: one type of fungus, two types of eczema, allergies, dependent upon the specialist) to control itching and for stress management, restoring normalcy; chronic fatigue syndrome and foot disorder associated with multiple foot operations (recently) for pain and stress management. During this period, we encouraged the clients to use the Iyashi Wand and report their observations. We found the wand to be effective and a useful tool in medical condition management.

Additionally, as a Reiki Master, and being innovative by nature, I have also devised a method of using the Iyashi Wand effectively in long distance treatments and the receiving clients described the treatment sessions as “intense”.

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