Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

Two quick stories:
1:My 84 year old mother in law was complaining of severe hip and knee pain recently. Usually, because I am a massage therapist, I would perform manual tissue manipulation to alleviate the issue, causing considerable discomfort in the process. Instead, I loaned her a wand and instructed her as to its use, including the proper reflexology points to address. I checked 6 hours later and she was astonished that she was pain-free! She wouldn't let me have the wand back, and two of her friends called and wanted one the next day.

2:I was working with a client today who has had TMJ for over 20 years. I slid the wand into the finger of a rubber glove and placed it in the inside of her mouth at the TM joint area, and within minutes her jaw began to release. She was thrilled! So was I! She will soon own have her own wand.

I have had TREMENDOUS personal positive benefits with the wand in assisting the healing of a recent injury as a result of falling off of a ladder. I am a massage therapist, and use the wand daily in my treatment work! My clients love it. Thanks!

Fred Engel, LMT
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