Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

I have arthritis quite severely in my hands. It is very painful for me to pick up anything or hold anything. The things I missed the most were my knitting and a nice hot cup of tea. My granddaughter came to visit me to take me out to lunch for my birthday. I was so embarrassed because I really had to struggle to put the flowers she brought me into a vase. I was trying to figure out what to order for lunch so I didn’t embarrass myself further. When your hands hurt, you get really clumsy. My granddaughter saw me struggling with the flowers and offered to use a wand on me. I decided to humor her because she was trying to be helpful. It was the Iyashi wand. I couldn’t help but giggle. How could twirling some metal thing around my hands possibly do anything? I was soon laughing on the other side of my face. To my amazement, I could close my fingers without pain. I was even able to pick up the vase of flowers and carry it. The best birthday present was being gifted with the wand by my granddaughter. I use it every day and now I can knit again. You have no idea how much being able to use my hands again means to me.

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