Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

Thank you so much for this wonderful information. The book is full of great information, both new and reaffirming and such an easy read. I have been using the wand now for about 2 weeks. While on holidays last week I strained my back and used the wand several times prior to getting back home. Each day was a grateful improvement. Once back I went to my chiropractor who has assisted me previously with back pain and for the severity of the strain, it took 75% less treatments to get my back to feeling good again. I also have been using the wand generally on acupressure points and noticing improvements in my digestion. It just feels good to use it. I have also been using the wand on my husband who has chronic discomfort in his ankle due to repetitive sports injuries and he has noticed a reduction in the swelling. I also appreciate the most recent offer posted (which I have ordered) on the upcoming release of the book.

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