Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

You guys are the “real deal”. I have tried other wands and they didn’t work. I found out about wanding when I went to a meeting for another company. It really did help my back pain when I got wanded in the meeting. I had serious car accident over 4 years ago and have had constant back pain ever since. I bought this expensive wand but when I got it in the mail it didn’t work. My friends tried it out but no results either. I really wanted to try again so I ordered the Iyashi wand. (My wife thought I was crazy throwing good money after bad) As soon as I got it in the mail I noticed a difference when I picked it up. This Iyashi wand definitely has some juice in it. I have been wanding the acupressure points as I was instructed to. The results have not been miraculous but I have a lot more “better” days the before. My wife tells me that she has noticed a difference. I play more with the grandchildren and am not as cranky.

Sam B
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