Iyashi Wand - Zero Point Energy Wand

My husband and I have tried many things, to improve our health, and my husband found your site. We both thought the man speaking on the video seemed genuine, and that your products were at least worth a try, particularly as they come with a money back guarantee. So my husband ordered a scalar pendant for himself, which he has been wearing since, and an Iyashi wand (we prefer to call it a pen), which he keeps in his shirt pocket a lot of the time (when he wears a shirt with a pocket).

Well, here is the interesting thing! My husband must've read something about it because he started waving the pen around his plate of food, in clockwise circles for a while (30 seconds to a minute? I'm not so sure in judging the times), and commented that it made it taste better. I thought give it to me! I want to try it!!

You have to understand that my husband and I are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to tasting food. For example, my husband has not known if it's beef or lamb, etc. He just says something is 'good' or 'not good' in taste. He has NOT been one to notice tastes. For example, if I said, "Does it need salt?" He'd say, "I don't know". He just really has been the Opposite of a foodie.

I, however, have been the other way, adding just the right amount of salt to my plate, or flavouring when I am cooking, etc, etc. My brother was a chef and told me about a 'super taster' test you can do. Well, it turns out, I am a 'super taster' - which means I can taste more flavours, etc, in foods that the general population can. I am very sensitive to tastes, whereas my husband has not been.

So I started waving the pen around my breakfast plate, in the same way. We have pretty much the same exact breakfast nearly every morning -scrambled eggs and salad and toast / potatoes. I was very surprised that it did taste better after waving this pen around it! It tasted more tasty, with a more 'deeper' flavour - even the cut up cos lettuce tasted better (which I don't particularly love the taste of, but I eat for the health benefits).

Now I have no idea how this happens, and I really would not imagine this, I would just be able to taste it if it tasted exactly the same as usual. The interesting this to me is that both of us noticed a change in the taste of our food. I continued to do it just because I wanted and appreciated my breakfast tasting better! In fact, with the busy-ness of life with my young children, I somehow forgot to and didn't keep it up, and it's just in writing to tell you about this that I am now reminded that I want to do it again! Just so my breakkie tastes better!

Also, I do seem to notice my husband has been improved since receiving and wearing his pendant and pen. It's been about 3-4 months now I think. He has been able to go out more each week, or at night, and just has seemed to be able to cope in life better. So, I have asked him to order me a pendant, too, so I can try it out. I want to notice some benefits in my life, too.

So we are going to order another scalar pendant, and some Iyashi emf protection blocks to put near each of our two computers. We spend a bit of time at the computer so I want to protect ourselves and our children from EMFs.

God bless you and also guide you.

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