Shieldite Obelisk Drop EMF Protection Pendant

I work in an environment where the Electro Magnetic Frequencies are extremely high, we have tried many products that purportedly provided an effective shield to no avail. When I started wearing my Iyashi EMF protection pendant I immediately noticed that I generally felt better. Now if I forget to wear it I notice within a short period of time symptoms such as a lighthead, fuzzy thinking, fatigue and slight nausea … a general unease.

We have recently purchased a few of your loose Iyashi emf protection stones as well as Pyramids and place them strategically in the areas that have the highest levels of emissions to reduce the negative effects for everyone.

I have also attached the Iyashi Cell EMF Protector phone device to my cell phone and have given them to all of my family.
Thankyou again, for your diligent research and providing this amazing product for our health and wellbeing.

Christina Young
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