Shieldite Natural Cut EMF Protection Pendant

I was very tired after a demanding week of activity. My body just wanted to sit down and do nothing.

We just received our package and I opened it and plugged in our 2 grounding wire and put our 2 pyramids (8 cm) on silver foil and attached the grounding wire to it. Then I put my Iyashi emf protection pendent on grounding foil with one of the pyramids for 15 minutes and then put on then started wearing the pendent around my neck.

Here is my experience - after a short while I began to feel better, more relaxed, less tired, - more like the feeling that it was the beginning of the day, instead of the end of the day. I was no longer experiencing feeling exhausted. I felt like I was on top of a mountain - where the air is so fresh and clear - the room and atmosphere literally felt different. Something had changed. My body felt better. We are overwhelmed by EMF all day long as our building is very close to many other buildings with lots of electronics + smart meters. On top of that, we have a lot of EMF due to our business, where we are on the computer and phones all day long. I feel liberated. I now no longer worry or indeed experience EMF sensitivity, as I know I am protected and grounded! I can definitely feel the difference.

I work on the second story of a building, and so the grounding factor of the Iyashi emf protection stones are a triple bonus. I am so delighted that this is the first device that really works - as I have tried so many other ones, who promised results, but did not work effectively enough to full protect me. Iyashi emf protection stones do!

Thank God!

KellyAnn Andrews
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