Shieldite EMF Protection Pyramid 8X8cm

Hi! I recently purchased $400.00 of the products and am using them. This past week, I learned that ""Smart Meters"" (now called ""Advanced Meters"") were installed in my new condo building (""Pacific Rise"" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). I moved into my new condo here last October 21st. 2014. I did not know when I bought this second floor unit, that my bedroom is directly above the electrical room. The saleslady refused to show us the blueprints, and it was still under construction. The elevators run in directly behind my kitchen cupboards!! So am now quite sure that there are 99 smart meters probably directly underneath my queen size bed! (I have attempted to confirm this with the site manager)... No luck so far. She knows nothing about this upgrade of the meters from EPCOR, Edmonton power company),other than confirming that yes, the meters would be underneath my bedroom...I received the ""upgrade"" card in the mail, from EPCOR last Thursday after the fact... I do, however, have confirmation from EPCOR and a lady named Christine Harkness at EPCOR that these have been installed here last Monday ((October 5th). I was suspicious, having awakened the next two mornings with an extreme headache (I rarely if ever get headaches)! I have the small Iyashi EMF Protection pyramid from your company installed underneath my bed and grounded since I got it...(And the other one in my den, beside my computer and wi-Fi). I also have my IYASHI wand on my beside table with the point near the edge, towards my head. In addition, I dug out my Dr. Mercola grounding pad and now am laying in bed with my shoulders on that. No more headaches... I have not been sleeping good (Some nights hardly at all). But last night, finally, I slept better.

Audrey Young
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