Shieldite EMF Protection Cube 4X4cm

After prolonged exposure to toxic mold in our home, my husband snored loudly and displayed serious symptoms of sleep apnea. One night he accidentally wore his Iyashi EMF Protection pendants to bed, and slept as quiet as a mouse. He woke up saying it was the best night's rest he'd gotten in a long time. So the next night he intentionally wore the Iyashi EMF stones to bed and again he slept quietly and peacefully (and consequently, I did too, because I wasn't kept awake by his snoring). He started wearing his Iyashi EMF Protection pendant to bed every night and slept peacefully without snoring each night. When he forgot to wear it to bed with him recently, he snored loudly and I thought, "darn, the Iyashi EMF Protection isn't working." The next morning we realized that he had forgotten to wear it to bed. It is now a regular habit for my husband to wear the Iyashi EMF stones to bed with him while he sleeps and his snoring has by now become a thing of the past.

Jeanette Wagner
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