Cerra Water Pitcher

So, my Cerra Water system arrived on Wednesday afternoon. By evening I had activated the filter and had my first tastes of Cerra Water. (I used a 45 minute soak and three water dumps.) As compared with my Dragonn system, the Cerra Water tasted cleaner. That taste difference was also obvious to my wife. I also like that the Cerra lid just fits right in place. No need to push or to bang it down. Yesterday (Oh, Happy July 4th) I got the brainstorm to wait until the water filters into the pitcher, and then fill the reservoir again. Although it’s a bit heavy, I really like having more water at the ready to fill my 40 ounce drinking containers. The pH was over 8, and I look forward to higher values as the days go on. So, quite simply, I’m a Cerra Water convert. Oh, my wife, who had always preferred the taste of store-bought alkaline water to the homemade brew, assures me that she’s ready to make the switcheroo to Cerra. You definitely have a great product here.

Stu S.
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