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Iyashi® Wand FAQ

Q: What are zero-point energy wands?
A: Zero-point energy wands are instruments that look like a pen that act as a scalar energy transference device to help restore ones energetic system.

Q: Why are they called “zero point energy” wands?
A: The zero point energy is the original source state in your energetic systems. While the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wands energy travels using scalar energy waves it restores your energetic systems to the original “zero point state” bringing that area of your energy system back into perfect alignment.

Q: Why is it in the shape or a pen?
A: This shape helps target and direct the energy into almost a laser like point coming out of the tip of the wand. This laser like targeting is very effective for targeting specific energy blockages in your zero point field and restoring them to their natural state.

Q: What does Iyashi® mean?
A: Iyashi is a Japanese word which means to heal, to balance body mind and spirit. It is in the spirit of Iyashi that the Iyashi® Wand was designed.

Q: What is the difference between an Iyashi® full spectrum wand and other wands?
A: The Iyashi® Full Spectrum Wand has the largest range of vibrational frequencies which allows it to bring all of your body back into phase lock reconnecting it to source. Other wands infused with a smaller frequency range can work on some things but not others.

Q: Do zero-point energy wands protect me against EMFs?
A: Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand provide some moderate EMF protection which comes from the B.F.I.T. and scalar energy. EMF protection is not a zero point energy wands first purpose and we suggest using them as a secondary protection method along with a product designed specifically for EMF protection such as our Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones.

Q: How long will my Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand last?
A: Your Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand should last a life time as long as you avoid damaging it.

Q: Can there be too much energy in a wand which could have a negative effect on my body's bio-field?
A: No, your body's bio-field has a innate ability to use only the frequencies it needs and ignore the others.

Q: How long will the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand take to work?
A: Some people may notice results instantly some may take 30 minutes or even multiple wanding sessions before they notice the effects the wand is having on them. This is because everyone’s different and the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand works on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it out which varies from person to person.  If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work and it is possible that you run out of patience before the wand is able to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

Q: I can’t feel anything when I hold the wand. Is it faulty?
A: No, the wand is not faulty. Every wand is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. A large portion of the population is not sensitive enough to feel subtle energy so may not be able to feel the energy coming from the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand. The wand will still work even if you don’t feel anything happening.  The human energy system reacts to energy regardless. If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work and it is possible that you run out of patience before the wand is able to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

Q: Do I have to wand in clockwise circles or is there other ways I can use the wand effectively?
A: We have designed a wanding booklet and some additional effective wanding techniques located on in Guides and Manauls section.

Q: Can I give my Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand to anyone to use?
A: We do not recommend that you loan your wand to anyone. The wand is a fine scientific zero point tool that will energetically ‘tune’ to its owner.

Q: Can I use my Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand on others?
A: If you are doing the wanding, then yes you can use it on others. The more you use your wand on yourself and others the stronger it can become as it energetically “tunes” with its owner.

Iyashi® Bracelet FAQ

Q: Do I need to ground or clear the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet?
A: No... jut wear and enjoy. There is no maintenance needed to get optimal performance from the bracelet. Only the Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones needs to be grounded.

Q: How long does the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet take to work?
A: As blood passes through your wrist wearing the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet you receive all the benefits. This means you body will start experiencing results after 4-10 minutes after the blood circulates through your entire body.

Q: I don't feel anything is my Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet not working?
A: Your bracelet is working fine, some people are just less sensitive then others and don't notice the subtle energy or negative ions.

Q: What is the difference between an Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet and other Scalar Bracelets?
A: The Iyashi® Bracelets are infused with our powerful full spectrum formula and are made from pure ceramics which have a very powerful far infrared energy. Other silicon bracelets only use a little ceramic powder or have a single hologram.

Q: Are your products radioactive?
A: No, our scalar energy products are crystal based and are not radioactive. Some knock offs and other imitation scalar energy products contain minerals with naturally occurring radiation which they try to pass off as scalar energy. Real scalar energy products like ours are crystal based infused with scalar energy using an infusion technology like our propriety BFIT.

Q: Do scalar bracelets protect me against EMFs?
A: Scalar bracelets provide some protection against EMFs but not full protection. They strengthen your bio-field making you more resilient to EMFs. By strengthening your bio-field you are more resilient to the EMFs

Q: Can I wear the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet in the shower or pool.
A: Yes you can as it won't damage the infused energies or ionic output. Although high chlorinated water can degrade the elastic which keeps the bracelets held together.

Q: My bracelet feels too big.
A: Some people prefer to wear their bracelets 3-4 inches above my wrist ( a couple of sizes bigger) so it is out of the way for working on the computer and washing hands etc. As long as it is touching the skin you are absorbing the negative ions and getting full benefit. You can resize your bracelet using the instructions below or send it back for an exchange of a smaller size

Q: My bracelet broke, what can I do?
A: It is very easy to restring the bracelets. You can purchase a whole roll of special string for less than $5. It's called "stretch magic 1mm cord.: Found at arts and craft stores ( Michaels etc ) or on Amazon. Just restring the bracelet just tie a double knot and run thru the string on one aside. Tie a knot again - side bead over the knot. Repeat for side 2.

Q: Can I wear the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Bracelet when I sleep?
A: Yes you can although some people find it gives them too much energy which makes it hard to fall asleep.

Iyashi® Pendant FAQ

Q: Do all the pendants have B.F.I.T.?'
A: Yes, every pendant is infused with a full spectrum of beneficial vibrational frequencies using our proprietary BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology.

Q: What is an SE pendant?
A: Sometimes people confuse a SE pendant with a specific brand but SE simply stands for Scalar Energy. So a “SE Pendant” is a “Scalar Energy Pendant” which can refer to any type of scalar energy pendant.

Q: Do The Iyashi® Pendants Protect From EMFs?
A: The Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants will provide moderate EMF protection similar or better than other scalar pendants. For the best EMF protection we suggest using Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones in conjunction with the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant.

Q: Do I need to ground the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant?
A: No the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant do not need to be grounded. The Iyashi® Crystal scalar energy pendants do need to be cleansed periodically, the instructions for this are found under are Guides and Manuals section.

Q: Are your products radioactive?
A: No, our scalar energy products are crystal based and are not radioactive. Some knock offs and other imitation scalar energy products contain minerals with naturally occurring radiation which they try to pass off as scalar energy. Real scalar energy products like ours are crystal based infused with scalar energy using an infusion technology like our propriety BFIT.

Q: What makes the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant different than the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand?
A: The Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants are designed to be used passively for general benefits where the Iyashi® Zero Point Energy Wand is designed to be actively used to target specific areas with more energy.

Q: How long will the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant take to work?
A: Some people may notice results instantly, while some may take hours or days before they notice the effects the pendant is having on them. This is because everyone’s condition is different and the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant work on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it. If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work. Patience is required to give the pendant enough time to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

Q: I can’t feel anything when I hold the pendant. Is it faulty?
A: No, the pendant is not faulty. Every pendant is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. As the pendants are more passive we recommend you wear them for at least a week to see the changes in your life. Subtle energy isn’t always something you notice as it can gradually take effect over time but what can be noticeable is when you remove it from your energy field.

Q: Why doesn’t the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant energy feel as strong after using it for several months?
A: After wearing any of the Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendants for a period of time you will become accustomed to the feel of the energy and it won’t feel different after a period of time. This is similar to going into a hot bath where the water feels very hot when first going in but after a while feels like a normal temperature.

Q: How long will my Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant last?
A: Your Iyashi® pendant should last a life time as long as you properly care for it. This includes cleansing the crystal pendants regularly and damaging it by dropping it etc.

Q: Can I give my Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant to anyone to use.
A: We recommend only you use your Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant. Sharing energetic instruments, especially crystals, is not always a good idea as they take on their users’ energy. If you do, make sure to cleanse the crystal afterwards.

Iyashi® EMF Protectors FAQ

Q: What is the difference between Iyashi® Scalar Energy and Iyashi® EMF Protection stones?
A: Both work in different ways to protect you from EMFs. Iyashi® Scalar Energy products boost your bio-field making you more resilient to EMF and repairing any energetic imbalances the EMF’s have created. Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones help prevent the EMF’s from harming you in the first place. We have found using both together provide the strongest type of EMF Protection. Visit on Learn section to learn how different types of EMF Protection work.

Q: How Will Iyashi® EMF Protectors Protect Me From EMF's?
A: Iyashi® EMF Protectors actually absorbs transverse EMF energies and thus fills up. They needs to be discharged ever so often by grounding them, view our grounding guide for more information. There is a mechanism that is not fully understood by scientists whereby Iyashi® EMF Protectors actually muddles the transverse EMF's ability to be absorbed into the human energy field, almost negating them. The transverse EMF’s are transmuted and are rendered harmless.

Q: Are All EMF's Harmful?
A: Most EMF’s produced by electronic devices are harmful. There are safe type’s such as produced by PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) which pulses very low frequency magnetic fields. The frequency of good PEMF’s are typically well below the frequency found in electronics. If you are interested in learning more about PEMF Therapy check out Healthy Wave PEMF Mats.

Q: How Often Do Iyashi® EMF Protectors Need To Be Grounded?
A: Small pieces such as pendants as cell phone protectors need to be grounded daily while larger pieces can be grounded every several days. Pyramids, cubes and bricks can be left permanently grounded by using our grounding plug or leaving them connected to another ground source. This will leave them constantly discharging/ clearing out negative energies while providing constant 24/7 EMF protection. We recommend leaving the larger pieces grounded with a grounding plug to keep constant EMF protection.


Grounding Frequency

Grounding Time


24 hours

15 mins

Cell Phone Protector

24 hours

15 mins

Small Pyramid or cube

48 hours

30 minutes

Large Pyramid or cube

72 hours

45 minutes


1 week

1 hour

Loose stones

24 hours

15 mins

Q: What Happens If I forget to Ground My Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones?
A: If you forget to ground your Iyashi® EMF Protection stones and it “fills up” it will simply stop working until you ground it again.

Q: Can I Wear Iyashi® EMF Protection Pendant At All Times?
A: It is a good idea to wear the Iyashi® EMF Protection Pendant during your waking hours. At night you can leave it on your night stand to receive the protection from it.

Q: Can There Be Any Side Effects From Wearing an Iyashi® EMF Protector Or Having It In My Room?
A: The only side effects are the sense of well-being and relief, knowing you are protected from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Q: How Much Area Do Iyashi® EMF Protectors Protect?
A: The basic Iyashi® EMF Protection pendants protect the single person wearing them. Larger pyramids and other shapes can protect a much larger area. Generally you want to place larger Iyashi® EMF Protection stones near the devices which produce the strongest EMFs. Please refer to the product pages for a better idea of the protection each provides. Please check out our guide on How Many Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones Do You Need? for more details.

Q: Where Do I Need To Put The Pieces Of Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones To Protect Myself?
A: Put them next to or on top of any electric appliance you have in your home. Also place the Shieldite adjacent to such things as computers so the Iyashi® EMF Protection stones are near your working area.

Q: What about the other crystals out there that claim to have EMF protection?
A: Various crystals can have properties which can strengthen the human Bio-Field. Even though this can be a positive effect this does not provide direct EMF protection. It is the Iyashi® EMF Protection Stones which has the strong properties to transmute the harmful EMF’s and provides direct EMF protection. Some other minerals/crystals out there claim to be the same (copy cats) as Iyashi® EMF Protectors but this isn’t true and at best the other crystals could have some properties that strengthen the human Bio-Field. The confusion can also happen just because another mineral/crystal looks black then it can be mistaken by people that these other things are the same as Shieldite. There are many dark minerals/crystals but all the properties are different. To learn more please check out our information on EMF Protection.


Cerra Water FAQ

Q: How much water should I drink?

A: If you are new to alkaline water you should start out drinking alkaline water slowly with only a few glasses per day as to not trigger a de-tox. After that you should drink half you body weight in ounces.

Q: Can I have Cerra Water with medication, vitamins or supplements?

A: You can have Cerra Water with vitamins and supplements.
Do not take Cerra Water directly with medication as it will increase the amount you absorb. You may have Cerra Water 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after taking your medication.

Q: Why is the Cerra Water Pitcher more expensive than other Alkaline Pitchers?

A: The Cerra Water Pitcher is made of only high quality materials. Other cheaper alkaline pitchers are sold cheaper because they are made of low quality materials from China which is many cases are unsafe and toxic. We cannot price the Cerra Watre Pitcher at the same price as these other "cheap" alkaline pitchers due to the higher cost of safe quality materials that we use. Q: How long do the filters last?

A: This depends upon source water. The cleaner the water (low TDS) the longer the filter will last. With poor water it water it will last a minimum of 65 gallons(250 liters), between 2-3 months, but with pre-filtered or very clean water it will last up 200 gallons(750 liters). This is generally between 3 - 5 months.

Q: When do I change the filter?

A: The indications that Cerra Water cartridge needs to be replaced are:

  • pH drops to less than 8. This means the anti-oxidant levels and the micro-clustering effect has also dropped.
  • The water is running thru the filter very slowly despite activation.
  • The taste of the water changes.
Q: What is the Number Dialer on the top lid of the pitcher for?

A:The top Number Dialer is for recording the date (month and day) of when you put in a new filter. This is a reminder of when it's time to change the filter. The filters last around 3 months, depending upon the source water.

Q: Why is the water running so slow through the pitcher?

A:The longer the water is in contact with the bio-ceramics in the filter the stronger the anti-oxidant, micro-clustering, molecular hydrogen and the alkalinity becomes.
The source water is one of the key determining factors on how long it takes for the water to run through.
As the filter reaches the end of its life span (3 months - depending upon how clean your source water is), the carbon has absorbed the maximum amount of contaminants. This will also slow water flow through the filter.
Best way to use your Cerra Pitcher:
- Fill up the insert bowl 2 times. This is the max amount of water that can be held in the lower pitcher reservoir.
- Whenever you use water from the pitcher, always top it up so it is full for the next time. This way you always have fresh alkaline, anti-oxidant, micro-clustered water ready for use. As long as the water touches the filter, it continues to get stronger. Keep your Cerra Pitcher by the faucet.

Q: My water is not very alkaline, what do I do?

A: NOTE: Please insure that your pH testing kit is not old. If your Ph reagent drops have been exposed to light or air it may have some oxidation occurring and it will not give you a true reading on the PH of your water. You may need a fresh pH testing kit to get an accurate reading. The pH strips in the Health Food store are designed to measure the pH of saliva and urine, and they are not accurate for water.

-There are 2 reasons why your alkalinity might not be as high as it should be. 1. Cartridge has not been activated 2. The water is channeling in the cartridge

Q: Activating the Cartridge

A: You need to activate the cartridge by soaking it under water for 60 minutes or longer and then running about 1-2 pitchers of water through the pitcher. If the Cerra-Ceramics are not soaked thoroughly they will not work. Our newest filters take longer to be activated but perform longer with better consistency. Give the pitcher a week to fully activate. Usually the pH will increase daily until it is in the 8.5- 9.5 range. The bio ceramics have an enteric coating similar to time released vitamins so activation time can vary depending upon source water.

Q: After I activate the cartridge, is it necessary to keep the filter submerged in water at all times?

A:No, the filter does not need to be submerged all the time. As long as you are using the pitcher on a regular basis, the filter will remain activated.
If you are going away and will not be using it for over a week then let it dry out completely - it will take about 4-5 days. You will then have to reactivate the filter by giving it a good soaking.

Q: Are there any negative health effects from drinking water with too high of a pH over a long period of time?

A:Most people's bodies are so acidic due to stress and a polluted environment ( food, air etc), that it is very difficult to over-alkalize your body, but not impossible.
Cerra Water acts to buffer the acid elements in our body and environment helping protect our bones and tissues etc . Better health is promoted when you have a balanced pH..

Q: Water Channeling

A: To prolong the life of the cartridge it will need to be reactivated. “Water channeling “can happen when the water running thru the cartridge takes the same path every time (the path of least resistance). The water is then touching the same bio-ceramic beads which deplete the bio-ceramics beads. To resolve this issue, take the cartridge out and shake it or tap it to redistribute the bio-ceramics. You may notice that the first water running thru needs to be thrown out because the carbon dust is being flushed out. You should do this every 2-4 weeks when they wash their pitcher. Once the cartridge has been reactivated then you will notice that the pH and ORP return to their former state. The life of the cartridge will depend upon the source water.

Q: How can I adjust the pH, anti-oxidants and micro-clustering in my water?

A: If the water in the pitcher is touching the filter then it will continue to increase in anti-oxidants, micro-clustering and alkalinity. The longer the water is in contact with the cartridge the stronger it will become. Leave the water in the pitcher touching the cartridge overnight and get into the habit of topping up the water in the pitcher every time you use it. This way there is always a full pitcher of alive natural alkaline, anti-oxidant micro- clustered water. If you want to lower the pH of the water, drink the water immediately and do not let it sit in the pitcher touching the cartridge. The maximum molecular hydrogen in the water is also achieved where you drink the water immediately after is passes through the cartridge.

Q: What contaminants does the Cerra Water cartridge remove from the water?

A: The Cerra Water Cartridges are designed for use with only potable water. Cerra Water cartridges remove/reduce the following standard contaminants, chlorine, chloramines, iron, sodium, aluminum, antimony, arsnic, barium, berylium, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, manganese, mickel, selenium, silver, thalliium, zinc, sulfate(SO4), bromochloromethane, bromoform, dibromonchloromethane, methyl chloride, mercury.

Depending on the source water there may be other less typical items in the water which are also reduced/removed. All source water varies and there are different levels of substances in the source water.

Q: What minerals are added to the water?
  • A:
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
Q: Does the Cerra Water Cartridge take out Fluoride?

A: 1. The Cerra Water cartridge reduces fluoride but does not significantly remove it, as fluoride is very difficult to remove from the water. Any filter system that can take out fluoride also strips of water of all the minerals etc.

2. The Cerra Water cartridge does remove/reduce the chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides etc.

3. The most reliable way to get rid of fluoride is to use a Reverse Osmosis system which takes out everything-good and bad. Many people with fluoride in their water will prefilter the water to remove the fluoride and then run it thru our Cerra Water pitcher to put all the goodness back into the water; ionic minerals, negative hydroxyl ions, anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen and restructure the water to make it more absorbable. This is then the best of both worlds.

Q: Why does my Cerra pitcher have this cloudy white film on its sides?

A: If your source water is very hard with lots of minerals the water can't absorb them all so a cloudy film of minerals (calcium and magnesium) will build up on the inside of the pitcher. The easiest way to remove it is to soak in diluted vinegar since the acid will dissolve the mineral build up. Your pitcher is still good to use despite it being a bit opaque. This happens regularly in areas with hard water.

Q: Why does my water have grey with black flakes in it?

A: We use a very fine certified carbon to clean the water. The finer the carbon the better it is at removing the contaminants. When you first start using your pitcher you may notice that some carbon dust has slipped thru the bottom screen. It is not harmful to drink the carbon specs but you can simply throw out this water until the specs disappear. You may have to make several flushes before all the carbon dust is flushed from the cartridge.

- There is no health issue in ingesting these types of carbon granules. Carbon absorbs contaminants. Carbon tablets are also common things people take if they eat bad food. Our certified carbon is made from coconut shells, an organic matter. You can get this type of carbon in a pill form but you might not want to put it in the water and drink it as it doesn't look tasty at all.

Q: The taste of the Cerra water is very different from what I am used to. Is this normal?

A: The Cerra Water is loaded with minerals (especially magnesium) and negative hydroxyl ions both of which add a taste to the water. Many people enjoy the taste since it tastes "like real water is supposed to" and can have sweet taste. If you have been drinking very purified water or Reverse Osmosis water it will taste very different since you are not used to the mineral taste.

Q: Why does my Cerra Water suddenly taste a bit strange?

A: If there is a big release of magnesium too quickly then you can get a very strong mineral taste. Shake the filter for a full minute and then do another soak in water and the strong taste will be gone. Please be assured that there are no chemicals in the water, just too much of a good thing. If the mineral taste is too strong then do not leave the water touching the filter but drink the water after it has run through the cartridge. If the water in the pitcher is touching the filter then it will continue to increase in antioxidants, micro-clustering and alkalinity.

Q: The filter does not fit properly into the funnel of the pitcher?

A: The new cartridge is designed so the head fits above the funnel. See pictures on the web. The cartridge has an "o" ring which fits snugly against the opening of the funnel so there is no seepage.

-The new designed filter is bigger, better and lasts longer with better performance of alkalinity, anti-oxidants and micro-clustering.

Q: Can I use my Reverse Osmosis (RO) water with the Cerra Water Pitcher?

A: RO water is devoid of minerals which is why it is referred to as dead water, but is also very aggressive water. RO water grabs minerals even from your body which is why RO water diminishes your own natural minerals leading to health issues. If you put RO water thru the Cerra Water cartridge, then the RO water absorbs the ionic minerals and hydroxyl ions (this adds anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen and is responsible for the micro-clustering of the water) better than regular water. This combination is the best of both worlds... clean pristine water with only the best added ( right combination of minerals, negative hydroxyl ions, molecular hydrogen) to make the healthiest water possible. If you are using RO water in your Cerra Water pitcher, your cartridge will last an extra month or longer. When you use prefiltered water the cartridge does not have to work at cleaning the water so it does not deplete as quickly.

Q: What does Ionic Mineral mean?

A: Ionic minerals means that they have a positive (+) or negative (- ) a charge to them. Our minerals have a negative charge to them. In order for minerals to be absorbed thru the aquaporins in the cells they need a negative or neutral charge. A bit like a gate pass you have to present to the gate keeper. That is one of the reasons why our minerals get absorbed at the cellular level. The body doesn't distinguish if the minerals are from a plant source or earth. This is the reason why many of the health food stores now sell ionic minerals.

nmr cerra water test

Q: Where can I get more information about the benefits of Cerra Water?

A: For more details please visit Q:


Itsu Sync FAQ

Q: What is Itsu Sync?

Itsu Sync is a scientifically based audio technology that is designed to rebalance, strengthen, and improve the brain through the use of binaural beats and the principles of brainwave entrainment.

Q: How quickly does Itsu Sync work?

A: Everyone is different so their experiences will differ but usually people will start to feel some effects within 5-10 minutes of listening to their first CD. Long- term effects will be noticed after prolonged daily use.

Q: Do I need to use headphones?

A: Yes, the science behind binaural beats requires you use headphones.

Q: Can I use Itsu Sync on my phone?

A: Yes you can use it on your phone. If you purchase the digital downloads you can download them directly to your phone. Alternatively if you get the CD’s you can download them to your computer and load them onto your phone.

How do I access my digital download?
  • Go to “My Account” -> “View” your recent order -> click “Download Now”.
  • You will need to “unzip” the download using a free program such as “WinZip” or 7-Zip” which are both free. You may already have a program to unzip files on your computer. If you are using your cell phone both Apple and Android phones come with built in “unzip” features. Afterwards the audio files can be played on any media device.
Q: Is Itsu Sync Safe to use? Are there any precautions?

A: Itsu Sync’s binaural beat technology has been proven safe to use for over 100 years. If you suffer from epilepsy we would discourage you from using any type of binaural beats or audio stimulation before consulting your doctor. For everyone else, including children and the elderly, it is perfectly safe to use.

Q: If I don’t suffer from any of the conditions mentioned why would I want to use Itsu Sync?

A: Even if you are feeling great Itsu Sync will be able to take you to the next level, improving and enhancing your brain further. Your brain has potential you may not have yet reached yet and Itsu Sync can take you there.

Q: Is this new technology? How is Itsu Sync different from any other binaural beats?

A: Binaural beats are not new technology. What makes Itsu Sync unique and better is it is the only program to target every part of the brain. It’s the only all-in-one solution. Read Why Choose Itsu Sync to see all the benefits.

Q: Can someone with hearing less use Itsu Sync? How loud do I need to listen to Itsu Sync?

A: Even if you suffer from hearing loss you will receive the benefits of Itsu Sync as the vibrations created will be carried through the ear cancel to the brain. You can listen to Itsu Sync on a low to medium volume.

Q: Can I copy and share the CDs with my friends?

A: No, Itsu Sync products are copyrighted and you would be breaking federal copyright law. If your friends are interested, they can download the free Itsu Sync track.

Q: When I download a CD to my computer all the CD tracks just show as track 1,2,3,4 etc.

A: Most media players access an online database to get the information on a CD’s artist, title, and copyright but they may not have access to our information. We suggest when downloading the CDs onto your computer to rename the tracks. For example, on the Alpha CD name them Alpha1, Alpha2, Alpha3, Alpha4 or else all the tracks from each CD will have the same name.

Q: Can I use other audio programs with Itsu Sync?

A: We are confident that Itsu Sync will be the only thing you need as it includes everything to fully balance the brain. But, yes, it can be used with any other types of audio programs.