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Iyashi EMF Protection Review

After prolonged exposure to toxic mold in our home, my husband snored loudly and displayed serious symptoms of sleep apnea. One night he accidentally wore his Iyashi EMF Protection pendants to bed, and slept as quiet as a mouse. He woke up saying it was the best night's rest he'd gotten in a long time. So the next night he intentionally wore the Iyashi EMF stones to bed and again he slept quietly and peacefully (and consequently, I did too, because I wasn't kept awake by his snoring). He started wearing his Iyashi EMF Protection pendant to bed every night and slept peacefully without snoring each night. When he forgot to wear it to bed with him recently, he snored loudly and I thought, "darn, the Iyashi EMF Protection isn't working." The next morning we realized that he had forgotten to wear it to bed. It is now a regular habit for my husband to wear the Iyashi EMF stones to bed with him while he sleeps and his snoring has by now become a thing of the past.

Testimonial By: Jeanette Wagner

Cerra Water & Shieldite & Iyashi Wand Review

 Being a skeptic I’m not easily impressed with claims made about products. I have to use a product before I tell anyone about it. After using the shieldlite cube and Cerra water filter pitcher I can’t say enough about them. One cube is in the bedroom. Immediately both my husband and I noticed our sleep was more restful and we didn’t wake as often during the night. I went from waking at least twice a night to sleeping without waking. Drinking water has always been a struggle for me. I didn’t like to drink a lot of water. Now I easily drink 64 or more ounces of water per day. Even my family has commented one the different in the water. My favorite product is the Iyashi wand. My work as an energy healer involves magnets. With the want I don’t actually touch my client, but use it about inch from their body. Many clients tell me they can feel the difference in their session. After muscle testing several brands of wands the Iyashi tested the highest.

Testimonial By: Glenda Cunning

Cerra Water Review

 Cerra Water comes out of the jug as a light tasting water and the best water I have ever tasted. The light taste gives me the assurance of a properly filtered water and that is absorbed easier by the body. This water is full of essential alkaline minerals with the highest ph level you can get without electrolysis process. I don’t how is works through my whole body but since I regularly drink the Cerra Water a lot of my body pains (joints and in the fingers) are gone and I can eat as many nuts as I want without the fear of pain on my body.

Testimonial By: Jaime A

Cerra Water Review

 I have been a Cerra Water distributor since December, 2010. To Each of my customers has been 100% satisfied with the quality and functioning of the products and many have gone on to purchase more pitchers for friends and family. We are 100% satisfied with their customer service. They have provided excellent training and any concerns we always addressed immediately. We will be actively marketing their ionizers. Studies conducted by an independent testing firm have concluded that the technology used in the Cerra Water products oxidizes and alkalizes regular tap water and effectively removes heavy metals and chlorine. There is no question in my mind that Cerra products meet the claims made by the manufacturer.

Testimonial By: David Raphael  — CEO, Awakening Mind Inc.

Cerra Water Review

 When I changed from drinking water from a $4000 electric ionizer to the Cerra Water Pitcher I was impressed with an improvement in energy, regularity and clarity of thought. Because of my high blood pressure I had more peace of mind using the Cerra Water knowing that I was getting a balance of minerals rather than a high amount of sodium from my electrical unit. My Cerra Water pitcher consistently produces a PH of 9.5 and an ORP of around -400. I love being able to take our pitcher with us wherever we go out . and drink fresh alkaline water.

Testimonial By: Peggy Brauer  — BScN