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Iyashi Pendant Review

 When I wear the Iyashi Pendant I notice that it protects me from negative projections of other people. I feel encased in a positive energy field. The first time I wore I was dreading this meeting this very confrontational person. The meeting went great and the person actually apologized to me! After a while I felt the pendant was not working like it did in the beginning but when I followed the instructions on grounding, it was as good as new. Since wearing the pendant for months now I noticed that my life is getting easier and my relationship have improved.

Testimonial By: Heide S

Iyashi Pendant Review

 I love my pendant, it works great for clearing negative energies, and now I am moving into my new home next week thanks to the help of this wonderful pendant, and I am kind of new to this type of technology, but I think it is awesome, keep it up guys.

Testimonial By: Jeremy Weaver

Iyashi Pendant Review

 Thank you very much for replying so quickly, my head ache is gone now, left the pendant on through the night and actually feel pretty awesome today. Very happy I found your website, it's good to know there are people out there trying to help the rest of us repair ourselves in such a unique way. Keep up the good work. :D

Testimonial By: David Michael

Iyashi Wand & Iyashi Bracelet Review

 We have had our wand and pendants for 8 days and are amazed and a little in awe. 1.. Our dog has suffered from GERD (reflux) for about 18 months. We have treated with a number of things and had some improvement, but no cure. After using the Iyashi wand on his food and opening his chakras for about 3 days, I noticed that he no longer had reflux. He was also calmer and more relaxed. Maybe this is because he no longer has reflux, or it is the positive benefits of the Wand or it is both. He has always been a dog with so much emotional energy that more than one vet suggested tranquilizers. We love that our dog can experience a calmer and more peaceful existence. Thank you. 2. Now ME: I have suffered from disabling night sweats and loss of sleep for about 18 months. About 18 months ago, my physician insisted that I try to wean from my 19 years use of HRT. I did try, but had disabling night sweats every hour or 90 minutes. Even when I went back on my prior dose of HRT, I experienced 2 – 3 sweats during the night with accompanying loss of sleep. I tried natural remedies and nothing controlled the symptoms. I was exposed to Zero Wand Energy by my acupuncturist and that very night had no sweats and slept all night. This brief exposure created a change that lasted for 4 nights. Once our Iyashi Wand and pendant were available for our use, I again slept without waking and without disabling night sweats. Unbelievable!!! I will again wean from the potentially harmful HRT now that I know I can control symptoms with the Iyashi wand and pendant. Also, I had a swollen painful arthritic finger. Notice that I used the past tense. The finger was so bad that others suggested I had injured it or had a bad bug bite. I don’t think so. After treatment, my finger is not swollen and does not hurt. My knuckle continues slightly enlarged, – but I have only had 8 days to treat. Other would not even know it was arthritic by looking at it. I had dark circles under one eye so bad that my husband suggested I looked like someone had hit me. I wanded that eye and cheek. When I looked in the mirror, that side of my face looked 10 years younger. I then wanded the other side of my face with similar results. My son-in-law said “I don’t know if you got a hair cut or what, but you looks relaxed and good.” Finally, I treated some bruises caused by bumping my hands and they disappeared within 24 hours of treatment. AMAZING. While I have had some decrease in my compulsive eating, I would love to know more about how people are able to use the wand and pendant to decrease appetite and compulsive eating and experience weight loss. 3: My husband: He has suffered from a sore foot for weeks. He could hardly stand it. I had been treating with energy stacking Jin Shin Jyutsu with some relief. After treating his foot with the Iyashi wand for 3 days, the pain is gone!! Also gone is his chronic pain in his knee and shin. Amazing!! He wears his pendant and has noticed increase in energy. A friend ordered the Amega wand and she loaned us the wand to compare. The Iyashi wand worked better for my husband that did the Amega wand. We are very pleased with our Iyashi wand and pendant. We would be happy to discuss our experience with others and you may post as much of this testimonial as you wish.

Testimonial By: Sylvia A. McSkimming  — PhD, RN

Iyashi Wand & Iyashi Pendant & Iyashi Wraps & Chakra Stone

 I have purchased 3 Chakra Stones 2 Iyashi Pendants 1 Iyashi Wand 1 Knee wrap 1 Elbow wrap I heard through a friend, that these were excellent Energetic Products. Zero-Point Energy..was most fascinating to me. So I decided to buy all of the above. I began to feel to blissful. Centered..being more present with ease. Great Clarity. There was a powerful opening, piercing sensation in front of my Heart Chakra. It was so powerful that I knew the pendant and wand+ chakra stone cleared much in that area. I felf so peaceful..enlightened. Zero-Point Energy can rapidly energize the human electromagnetic field and body (as well as all other organic matter) to promote health. The ample supply of vital energy made available to the organism in this manner induces a state of homeostasis, or balance. This is what triggers the natural self-healing mechanism of each individual to produce the changes necessary for cellular and/or energetic repair and improvement. My friends were asking questions about my having peaceful strong high vibrations. Now they all use these products in our weekly meditation class. With the pendants I am experiencing and clearing Parallel Lifetimes in my dreamstate and throughout the day. The wand is excellent for a powerful lazer like zero-point and far infrared energy+ Infused frequencies. My 3 Chakra stones are amazing. My cat so enjoys sleeping on them, and on her back. She is cherished loved by all who see her. She has evolved being with these products everyday. The chakra stones are extra good when they are heated up, to clear my meridians..and chakras. They release powerful negative Ions. Zero-Point energy is pure energy, un-polarized, who we are naturally before being born. The pendants and wand, and chakra stones continously keep on clearing, clearing, letting go. Powerul shifting comes with this clearing. Love it. Finally the elbow and knee wrap are so special to me. Having several injuries. One day i'm wearing them, and about 40 minutes later, I feel lots of good beneficial heat in my elbow and knee. Wow..that went on for awhile. The wraps have magnets and tourmaline..and beneficial heal, balance. They greatly healed my injuries, with less pain. Powerful and Effective. With the Pendant I'm in Soulful Smiling Mode more than ever. Deeply. Creating unexpected random acts of goodness. Clearing up energies of Karmic Patterns, Vows, Contracts, Agreements. As well with the chakra stone and the Wand. I definitely have alot more Intuition Now. It's helping me connect to my higher self, alot better. My I Am Presence. It brings so much energy to drinks and food. These wonderful products clear process release much negative energy patterns. I know a have a much higher consciousness with the assistance of the great products. Powerful Shifts Vibrational Lifts Clarity Intuition Dreams.

Testimonial By: Claude