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Iyashi EMF Protection Review

In this age of continuing technological advancements there are many benefits to be reaped from the many new devices. At the same time our health and overall well being is affected by an ever increasing amount of invisible pollution in the form of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). These pervasive sources include cell phone towers, antennas, SMART meters, wireless internet, cordless phones, dirty electricity, wireless baby monitors, and all electrical devices or appliances. When I began looking for a product to protect myself I found Iyashi.

My experience with Iyashi emf protectors have been phenomenal. Since owning the Iyashi emf protection cube and pendant I've noticed a significant improvement in my electro-sensitivity conditions. Without making any other lifestyle changes, I have less brain fog and increased mental clarity, no more dull headache type symptoms, and decreased irritability. Even my ailing house plant, which sits near the cube has perked up and come back to life! I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to make a good investment in their health by reducing your exposure to EMR. Doubly so for pregnant women, young children and women in general who are more susceptible to this constant radiation exposure.

Testimonial By: Matt Bowskill

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

Since I have worn the Iyashi emf protection pendant, I have not felt groggy at the computer. Before, I would want to doze off at the computer because it has been difficult to learn how to use it proficiently and am now blown away by still having to learn and feeling awake.

Testimonial By: Moneca Gabriel

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

I'm REALLY noticing my body releasing ALOT of energy including EMF's as I wear a Iyashi EMF protection pendant and have a pyramid. And wearing the wand in my pocket. WOW!!! Energy was moving out through my feet all day yesterday. Its like a sense of relief, SO amazing!!

Testimonial By: Naomi L

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

OMG.. everything I have ordered from IIT is great. The Iyashi emf protection stones gets rid of any type radio frequencies out there. It drags out negative energy. I can say enough about how fantastic these products are and how they have helped me.

Testimonial By: Stephanie Rorie

Iyashi Pendant Review

 I love my green adventurine pendant

Testimonial By: Bibby Y