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Iyashi EMF Protection Review

The Iyashi EMF protectors works! I work at home from my office room, and I'm surrounded by a computer, a laptop, several screens, and other electronic devices. The clutter of electronics is terrible. I found myself having concentration problems working out of my office despite how I rearranged my desk or the lighting. After googling up what could help me out on this situation, I found out about EMFs... Soon after learning about those and doing my research, I came across Iyashi. I picked up a Iyashi EMF protection block from Iyashi for my office, and ever since using it I can concentrate a whole lot better.

Testimonial By: Thomas

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

I was very tired after a demanding week of activity. My body just wanted to sit down and do nothing.

We just received our package and I opened it and plugged in our 2 grounding wire and put our 2 pyramids (8 cm) on silver foil and attached the grounding wire to it. Then I put my Iyashi emf protection pendent on grounding foil with one of the pyramids for 15 minutes and then put on then started wearing the pendent around my neck.

Here is my experience - after a short while I began to feel better, more relaxed, less tired, - more like the feeling that it was the beginning of the day, instead of the end of the day. I was no longer experiencing feeling exhausted. I felt like I was on top of a mountain - where the air is so fresh and clear - the room and atmosphere literally felt different. Something had changed. My body felt better. We are overwhelmed by EMF all day long as our building is very close to many other buildings with lots of electronics + smart meters. On top of that, we have a lot of EMF due to our business, where we are on the computer and phones all day long. I feel liberated. I now no longer worry or indeed experience EMF sensitivity, as I know I am protected and grounded! I can definitely feel the difference.

I work on the second story of a building, and so the grounding factor of the Iyashi emf protection stones are a triple bonus. I am so delighted that this is the first device that really works - as I have tried so many other ones, who promised results, but did not work effectively enough to full protect me. Iyashi emf protection stones do!

Thank God!

Testimonial By: KellyAnn Andrews

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

For the last two years I have been very ill from the effects of my computer. My Samsung phone and Samsung tablet. My symptoms are as follows: After 10 - 20 minutes I begin to get a VERY bad headache. After 30 minutes my heart beat becomes very irregular. If I continue for another 30 minutes I get very sharp pains all over my body from head to toes. My girlfriend has a Iyashi emf protection pendant and she gave it to me to try and I experienced a 50% decrease in my symptoms.

Testimonial By: Maria F

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

I wanted to share something we've observed since receiving our order.

As I've shared in previous emails, the EMFs in our home is extremely high.
Last Monday we woke to find my daughter's hamster's (who lives in my daughter's room and bathroom where the levels are as high as 1,900) eye was huge, swollen. Worried for her pet we took her to the vet. The vet wasn't sure exactly what it was but guessed that the hamster may have a brain tumor and it was pressing the eye out of the socket. She sent us home with some meds for Dot which we began to give. Over the next few days giving the meds her wasn't getting any better. Then Friday night our order arrived. Since then I've moved Dot out of the area she's usually in to a place in our home where the EMFs measure around 600-800 and I placed the Iyashi EMF protection pyramid next to her cage.

This may sound crazy, but as of today (3 full days since adding the Iyashi EMF protection stones) but both my daughter and I believe the One True God of the Bible is using His creation, the Iyashi EMF protection stones, to answer our prayers and heal Dot. Her eye is so much better and the swelling is almost back to normal.

Hope that encourages you as much as it does us, and that by His grace, you know the One, True, Living God who is still taking care of His creation.

Testimonial By: Colleen B

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

I am very sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies,so much that I have to be careful where I live and where I shop etc. I pretty sure I have tried every device out there and have spent thousands of dollars on devices that is suppose to protect me from EMFs. When someone recommended the Iyashi EMF protection stones I assumed it would not work but the cost was so low I thought I would give it a try. Wow.. this the first time I been able to function in certain environments that are full of EMFs. I no longer get brain fog and fatigued. This Iyashi emf protection stones are the real thing and I am never without my pendant. I am saving for the big pyramid since I hear it even more powerful. Thank you so much – these Iyashi emf protection stones have been God-sent.

Testimonial By: Debbie Regan