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Iyashi EMF Protection & Iyashi Wand & Iyashi Pendant Rev

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I expected to wait over a month since I mailed my payment buy 10 days later I got my wand and Iyashi EMF protection stones. I could feel the energy coming from the box and knew without looking who it had come from. Even though the Iyashi EMF protection stones probably needed grounding I felt it, I didn't want to let go of those stones and pyramid to ground them but I did! The wand was so awesome, I understand energy healing and have gone organic and non-gmo for health, have orgonite around the house for protection but this was great. I have chronic hip, shoulder and lower back degenerative disease. Aside from taking diatomaceous earth for the pain the wand literally whisked it away. I could feel pulses in each area when I dipped and radiating energy when I swooped it out of the area, I am using it on all three of my organic cats too, I love it, I can clear pain in a hip in ten minutes, opens the sinuses in less than 2 min, amazing, I then ordered and received my scalar necklace and Iyashi emf protection pendant love them all, will be buying more, the tea bag makes my water sweet and clear! THANK YOU AGAIN! PEACE LOVE AND HEALTH TO ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Testimonial By: Dawn Cline

Iyashi emf protection Pendant Review

I live out in the country close to the lake so am close to clean air and water. Whenever I fly to Toronto to seem my mother I would come back and be wiped out for almost a week. The last time I mentioned to a friend that I was going to visit my Mom again she took a pendent from around her neck and gave it to me saying “you need this more than me if you are going to the big city.” I wore the pendant and what a difference….. I came home feeing great and now realize that it was the EMF that were tiring me out whenever I went to the big city. I though the city was just polluted with smog etc but it's really the invisible pollution that gets to you. If you live in the city you should get out or wear a Iyashi emf protection pendant.

Testimonial By: Susie K.

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

Iyashi emf protection stones are wonderful. The cubes have made a great difference.

Testimonial By: Doreen T.

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

I work in an environment where the Electro Magnetic Frequencies are extremely high, we have tried many products that purportedly provided an effective shield to no avail. When I started wearing my Iyashi EMF protection pendant I immediately noticed that I generally felt better. Now if I forget to wear it I notice within a short period of time symptoms such as a lighthead, fuzzy thinking, fatigue and slight nausea … a general unease.

We have recently purchased a few of your loose Iyashi emf protection stones as well as Pyramids and place them strategically in the areas that have the highest levels of emissions to reduce the negative effects for everyone.

I have also attached the Iyashi Cell EMF Protector phone device to my cell phone and have given them to all of my family.
Thankyou again, for your diligent research and providing this amazing product for our health and wellbeing.

Testimonial By: Christina Young

Iyashi EMF Protection Review

Its been several months that have passed using the brick sized Iyashi EMF protection stone and the 8x8 cube; I am still getting wonderful results! I love it,my cat loves it. I am convinced beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that this is what I needed all along. I want to place another order for the 1&1/2 x 1&1/2 cube,

Testimonial By: Victor Nyland