Iyashi Bracelet - Blue

Iyashi Bracelet - Blue

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The Blue Iyashi Bracelet is made of tourmaline and other crystalline minerals which are BFIT infused with a full spectrum of subtle energy patterns. The ionic ceramics are made by heating the tourmaline and other crystalline minerals to over 3000 degrees and cooled to a solid, this process is repeated multiple times until the final product is finished.
This process and BFIT infusion give the Iyashi Bracelet an unmatched ionic output, far-infrared technology, scalar energy and a full spectrum of beneficial energy frequencies. BFIT infuses the bracelets with a full spectrum of subtle energy frequencies which uses scalar energy waves to deliver these subtle energy patterns throughout your entire energetic body & bio-field. Negative Ions neutralize any surrounding free radicals or positive ions. The Iyashi bracelets main benefits are:

  • Increased energy
  • Strengthen Aura
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Entire body zero point field repair
  • Strengthens Bio-field
  • Repairs and helps fight EMF damage
  • Overall increase in alertness and clarity

The Color Blue

Blue is a calming color, it the color from the ocean, sky, sleep, and twilight. It is the color of truth and can open energy flow when energy is blocked. Blue allows you to look beyond the present and increase your perspective outward. Blue is a cool color which helps communication along with providing relaxation and peace.
We suggest the Blue Iyashi Bracelet if you want:

  • calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation
  • to open the flow of communication
  • to broaden your perspective in learning new information
  • solitude and peace

Negative Ionic output

Negative ions are considered the vitamins of the air providing anti-oxidants and neutralizing positive ions. Iyashi bracelets are made of pure ceramics ionic material which means they have more negative ions in one bead then an entire silicon ionic bracelet. With over 1320 ions per bead (each bracelet contains from 15-22 beads) by wearing the Iyashi Bracelet negative ions will be delivered enough negative ions to neutralize any free radicals or positive ions in the surrounding area.

Picking your Bracelet Size

The Iyashi Bracelets are elastic and flexible and designed to fit comfortably around your wrist. Take a piece of string of measuring tape and measure your wrist. The chart below is the exact size of the bracelet. If your wrist is the same measurement as the size you select it will be a very snug fit, most people prefer picking the next size up.
The approximate sizes measurements are below.

  • XXX-Large= 21 cm or 8.3 inches ( 22 links )
  • XX-Large = 20 cm or 7.9 inches ( 21 links )
  • X-Large = 19 cm or 7.5 inches ( 20 links )
  • Large = 18 cm or 7.1 inches ( 19 links )
  • Medium = 17 cm or 6.7 inches( 18 links )
  • Small = 16 cm or 6.3 inches ( 17 links )

negative ion bracelet

What comes with the Iyashi Bracelet

Each Iyashi bracelet additionally comes with;