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Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants - Quantum Pendants

Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants - Quantum Pendants

    Harmonize Your Bio-field and Energetic Systems

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    Iyashi quantum scalar energy pendants are a new series of scalar pendants by Iyashi Source. Through infusing natural crystals with our Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants provides enhanced natural crystal energy combined with our proprietary full spectrum infusion.

    Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are simple and easy way to improve your well-being by rebalancing your bio-field, counteracting EMFs and increasing your energetic vitality. Each Iyashi Pendant is unique, based the type of crystal used but all Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants carry the following benefits and features created by the full spectrum of energetic frequencies.

    1. Strengthens Bio-field
    2. Balance Chakras
    3. Strengthen Aura
    4. Strengthen and repair your zero point field
    5. Strengthens energetic bio-field
    6. Buffer EMFs
    7. Clears energy blockages
    8. Advanced accelerated energetic healing
    9. Clear negative energy in Bio-field
    10. Infused with over 18000+ scalar energy frequencies with BFIT
  • Full Spectrum Infusion

    Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are the ONLY Full Spectrum energy pendant available containing over 18000+ subtle energy patterns. This is made possible through Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) which is an infusion technology that imprints a full spectrum, of vibration frequencies into the pendants. These thousands of vibrational frequencies affect different parts of your body's bio-field bringing them back into balance having the ability to benefit wellness.

    The Full Spectrum infusion provides complete balance and support for your entire energy system, chakras, and meridians. Our Full Spectrum Infusion is what sets Iyashi Pendants apart from the rest; most pendants on the market actually have no subtle energy infusion and just rely on the negative ionic output. The Iyashi Pendants are designed as a complete holistic wellness solution on many levels including the emotional and energetic levels.

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  • Iyashi Pendants are the combination of natural healing crystals and new innovative technology combined in a traditional design.

    Natural Crystal Energy

    Each crystal has its own natural energy which is the dominant energy found in that crystal. This makes each Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendant unique even though they all are infused with the same Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. Each crystal’s energy is unique in how it impacts your bio-field with different energies each promoting different things such as abundance, love, grounding, calmness, clarity etc. We have over a dozen different Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants available to give you a wide selection to choose the crystal which will best resonate with you for a more personalized energetic experience.