Iyashi Energy Bracelets - Negative Ion Bracelets

Iyashi Energy Bracelets - Negative Ion Bracelets

  • Iyashi Bracelet Optimize your life in style

    Iyashi energy bracelets are the new generation of scalar negative ion bracelets. Using a combination of tourmaline, crystal ceramics technology they provide superior negative ion, far-infrared and a full spectrum of beneficial energy frequencies.

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    Powerful Negative Ions

    Negative ions are considered the vitamins of the air providing anti-oxidants and neutralizing positive ions. Each bead in the Iyashi bracelets emits over 1320 negative ions with up to 18 beads around your wrist. When worn around the wrist they are delivered to the entire body which provide benefits including;
    • Increased energy
    • Strengthen Aura
    • Clears energy blockages
    • Entire body zero point field repair
    • Strengthens Bio-field
    • Repairs and helps fight EMF damage
    • Overall increase in alertness and clarity

  • Negative Ions, Scalar Energy And More

    Each Iyashi Energy Bracelet is also infused with BFIT which imprints each bracelet with over 18000+ subtle energy patterns to restore your body back into fully balanced state. This in combination with their powerful negative ionic output make them a powerful holistic wellness tool alone or can be combined with any of our other products to amplify their effects. While other ion bracelets and bands just use a little negative ionic powder in silicon the Iyashi Energy Bracelets are made entirely of ionic ceramic material. Choose your favorite color or if you can't decide read about how each color can have a different impact on you.