Shieldite Testimonials and Reviews

Shieldite Testimonials and Reviews

Being a skeptic I’m not  easily impressed with claims made about products.  I have to use a product before I tell anyone about it.  After using the shieldlite cube and Cerra water filter pitcher I can’t say enough about them.  One cube is in the  bedroom.  Immediately both my husband and I noticed our sleep was more restful and we didn’t wake as often during the night. I went from waking at least twice a night to sleeping without waking.

Drinking water has always been a struggle for me.  I didn’t like to drink a lot of water.   Now I easily drink 64 or more ounces of water per day.  Even my family has commented one the different in the water.

My favorite product is the Iyashi wand.  My work as an energy healer involves magnets.  With the want I don’t actually touch my client, but use it about inch from their body.   Many clients tell me they can feel the difference in their session.  After muscle testing several brands of wands the Iyashi tested the highest.  

Glenda Cunning

I have been feeling the negative effects of this toxic soup of EMF in my apartment for quite a while now and it has been quite intolerable.  

I was feeling very tired and lethargic as I have up to eleven wifi connections coming through my apartment from other peoples spaces. Some of these wifi signals are full power.  I also have a smart meter about 15 feet away from me and a couple of cell towers about a kilometre away.  This has been extremely taxing. On top of all that, at my place of work, I was also badly affected by heavy EMF.  I would lecture all day, but would fell very taxed by the atmosphere in the room, no matter how much fun the students and I were having in class.  

Well, I then came across a Shieldite demo on youtube and finally hope of relief from this yuckiness was born.

I originally called Iyashi Source and ordered a 4cm by 4 cm cube of Shieldite.  After recieving the cube from the lovely Pamela at Iyashi, who has the compassion of an angel, I noticed an amazing sense of relief from the low feelings I had been experiencing in my life.  I carried the cube everywhere I went and also slept with it in my bed!!!  The only time I would be away from it was when I set it down for half an hour so that I could ground it using the grounding cable I ordered as well.  Boy what a difference I felt.  A feeling of calm came over me over the next few days as my body was able to begin recovering from all these evil EMF's. I also noticed that I my insomnia began to disappear and I would enjoy a deeper sleep than I had had in quite a while.  I now need two alarm clocks to wake me!  I keep them far away of course, since I desire as little EMF as possible around me.  I also noticed that I wasn't as uncomfortable in my bed as I had been before.  This lack of comfort is due to the metal springs in the mattress which really don't help when you are surrounded by EMF's.  I have bought an air mattress so that I don't have to worry about all those metal bed parts again.  Not that the Shieldite does not work, it works, but I still follow the practise of keeping EMF as far away as possible.  I still haven't set it up as I wanted to keep things as they have been while experimenting with the Shieldite.  And the Shieldite has passed the test with flying colours!!!

I must say that I am appalled at the system we live under for allowing the people of this nation to live in these conditions.  It's horrendous!  There is one cell tower near scores of houses in my area and one next to a church.  There are about 6 of them about half a km from my parents home.  I even saw a cell tower right next to a care home in the city I work in!  What he heck is going on?!

Anyways, since the cube worked so well, I bought some Shieldite stones, bricks and cubes for my parents and siblings and myself.  I have not asked them how they feel yet as they have only had them a short time.  Personally, I am feeling great though.  My little apartment feels much more peaceful and ma puti cats are just sooooooo happy!!!! 

Thanks Iyashi.  You are all Super Heroes and deserve our respect and gratitude.  And that goes DOUBLE for you Pamela!


G'day, I recently received your bracelet and shieldite pendant, and was
astounded at the results! thank you so much. They have greatly changed my
quality of life.
I have nerve damage to my lumbar spine. My nervous system is in a painful
hypersensitive state which has caused many complications including
electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
I needed to wear RF reducing clothing 24/7 as well as sleep in my basement
and limit exposure to much of modern life. Otherwise muscle pain, headaches,
nausea, confusion and memory loss would leave me incapacitated.
When i wear your products there is a massive reduction in all these

Tristan B, Australia

OMG.. everything I have ordered from IIT is great.  The Shieldite gets rid of any type radio frequencies out there. It drags out negative energy. I can say enough about  how fantastic  these products are and how they have helped me.

-Stephanie Rorie

I bought Iyashi bracelet and Shildite necklace and I noticed a big
difference in my health.  I know that the effect is permanent as long as I
ground Shildite every day. I get severe anxiety and depression from EMF. And your product gave me such a relief..

Thank you !

Airi E.

"In this age of continuing technological advancements there are many benefits to be reaped from the many new devices.  At the same time our health and overall well being is affected by an ever increasing amount of invisible pollution in the form of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).  These pervasive sources include cell phone towers, antennas, SMART meters, wireless internet, cordless phones, dirty electricity, wireless baby monitors, and all electrical devices or appliances.  When I began looking for a product to protect myself I found Shieldite.     

My experience with shieldite has been phenomenal.  Since owning the shieldite cube and pendant I've noticed a significant improvement in my electro-sensitivity conditions.  Without making any other lifestyle changes, I have less brain fog and increased mental clarity, no more dull headache type symptoms, and decreased irritability.  Even my ailing house plant, which sits near the cube has perked up and come back to life!  I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to make a good investment in their health by reducing your exposure to EMR.  Doubly so for pregnant women, young children and women in general who are more susceptible to this constant radiation exposure.


-Matt Bowskill
Port Perry, ON, Canada"

For the last 4 years, I have experienced chronic fatigue, dizziness, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations, anxiety, nervousness and several “garden” variety of symptoms that were very perplexing to me. As an energy worker, I tried everything I knew of and kept researching to figure out exactly what the cause was behind all of these daily symptoms. I worked on myself constantly, in addition to my regular work, which wore me out, and I would be totally exhausted by 3 in the afternoon but would have to keep working and would fall into bed at 9 at night. I had pretty much figured out I was living in a toxic environment since my health had declined to the point I was very discouraged and wasn’t sure if I was ever going to feel good again. I had actually forgotten what that felt like. My joy was gone. I was irritable a lot in my down time and very impatient. I tried to be positive; however, it was an effort and I had never been like that before.

I have always been very athletic. I practice yoga, tai chi and meditate. I used to be a competitive runner with a resting heart rate of 38 so I was in elite condition. I have never had any health issues so I was very concerned what had happened to create the condition I was experiencing. The only factor that had changed was I moved in with a friend after my divorce. The area of the house I live in is surrounded by 4 outside air handling units, wifi, router, water softener, two inside air handling units, the pool electrical system, the sprinkler system, three tvs in addition to my cell phone, two computers and a microwave. When I moved in, I disconnected two tvs and the microwave unit as I was aware of the dangers of emf’s. I had never lived in wifi nor such a wired environment. And least I forget the smart meter on the outside of the house on my end of the living area.

About two weeks ago, my friend has 5 grandchildren. She said she was watching them use the ipad and her iphone when it hit her that this was probably not good for them. They are all under the age of 5 and spend a great deal of time using these devices in addition to the computer and watching videos. She started researching emf protection devices. She came across Shieldite. We both have tried different devices through the last several years trying to find something that worked. A week ago, our pendants arrived. Within 24 hours, I felt more calm. I didn’t really give much thought to the pendant because my work hours are long and my focus was not on the pendant. But after 48 hours, as I was laying in bed, I noticed that I didn’t have my heart pounding out of my chest as it had been doing for the last 4 years. I kept waiting for the palpitations but they never came. My heart rate was slow like it used to be. No more racing heart. The next day, I started to notice how positive I was without any effort. I was happier. I was excited about my work again. The biggest thing was by 3 in the afternoon, I had a lot of energy, just like I used to have. I worked until 9 that night and wasn’t tired when I went to bed. Since then, the energy continues to increase, the ringing in my ears is diminishing, the anxiety and nervousness is gone, no more dizziness. I am focused, very present moment and within a week, my whole life has dramatically changed.

I use a variety of energy devices. There are so many out there that have huge endorsements, big names backing them but I have found they often do not live up to the claims they are promoting. I can’t express into words how good I feel. I am singing without realizing it. I am optimistic and happy like I used to be. I don’t have to force those emotions anymore. I am excited about life and looking forward to running again since my heart is no longer an issue. I feel as though I have exited a black hole that I have been stuck in for several years. People don’t realize how the emf’s are affecting not only their health but also their animal companions.

I am so excited that I found this product and it is the REAL thing. I am sensitive to energy and am a great “tester.” If it helps me, it can help anyone. I feel Shieldite has brought me back to life and now I can do the things I have wanted to do for so long. I highly recommend this product to and for everyone including the animals. I no longer have to turn down incredible opportunities to be on location and do documentaries about the animals or another tv series because of the chronic fatigue. I am so excited about living again and feeling good, I had to write and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding this substance and bringing it to the market. My life will never be the same. I am going to share with everyone I know so they can enjoy a quality of life again!

Laura Lassiter

I am very sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies,so much that I have to be careful where I live and where I shop etc. I pretty sure I have tried every device out there and have spent thousands of dollars on devices that is suppose to protect me from EMFs. When someone recommended the Shieldite I assumed it would not work but the cost was so low I thought I would give it a try. Wow.. this the first time I been able to function in certain environments that are full of EMFs. I no longer get brain fog and fatigued. This Shieldite is the real thing and I am never without my pendant. I am saving for the big pyramid since I hear it even more powerful. Thank you so much – this Shieldite has been God-sent.

Debbie Regan , Calgary

After prolonged exposure to toxic mold in our home, my husband snored loudly and displayed serious symptoms of sleep apnea.  One night he accidentally wore his shieldite pendants to bed, and slept as quiet as a mouse.  He woke up saying it was the best night's rest he'd gotten in a long time.  So the next night he intentionally wore the shieldite stones to bed and again he slept quietly and peacefully (and consequently, I did too, because I wasn't kept awake by his snoring).  He started wearing his shieldite pendant to bed every night and slept peacefully without snoring each night.  When he forgot to wear it to bed with him recently, he snored loudly and I thought, "darn, the shieldite isn't working."  The next morning we realized that he had forgotten to wear it to bed.  It is now a regular habit for my husband to wear the shieldite stones to bed with him while he sleeps and his snoring has by now become a thing of the past.

jeanette wagner,
florence, KY

I’m at a friends house (her name is Sandy) and this morning her 40 year old daughter, Diane, came for a quick visit to get medicine for her son.  Diane’s presence is always chaotic, thus difficult to be around.  After she left the house, it felt like an enormous cyclone of chaotic energy had just blown through the whole area. As soon as Diane left, I grounded my shieldite pendant and put it around my neck. A few minutes later, I talked with Sandy who was feeling drained and wiped out from the ordeal. I put the pendant around her neck and within minutes watched her heart energy change to peace and tranquility. It was so awesome, I just had to tell you. But, that’s not all. I’d say about 10 minutes after she put the pendant around her neck, she was handing me a glass dish to put in the cupboard, when I accidentally knocked it out of her hand. It hit the counter and shattered. Within seconds I realized the broken glass was symbolic of her daughter’s chaotic nature now being shattered in a million pieces. Because of her mom now wearing this pendant (and she is also wearing two Iyashi bracelets) I can see how this new direction will soon bring Diane the peace of mind that will help her make better decisions and live in harmony with her true nature.


An amazing product for EMF Protection. Provides an excellent sense of mental focus, clarity and well being.

James, Los Angeles

I work in an environment where the Electro Magnetic Frequencies are extremely high, we have tried many products that purportedly provided an effective shield to no avail. When I started wearing my Shieldite pendant I immediately noticed that I generally felt better. Now if I forget to wear it I notice within a short period of time symptoms such as a lighthead, fuzzy thinking, fatigue and slight nausea … a general unease.
We have recently purchased a few of your larger rough pieces of Shieldite as well as Pyramids and place them strategically in the areas that have the highest levels of emissions to reduce the negative effects for everyone.
I have also attached the Sheildite Cell phone device to my cell phone and have given them to all of my family.
Thankyou again, for your diligent research and providing this amazing product for our health and wellbeing.

Christina Young

I live out in the country close to the lake so am close to clean air and water. Whenever I fly to Toronto to seem my mother I would come back and be wiped out for almost a week. The last time I mentioned to a friend that I was going to visit my Mom again she took a pendent from around her neck and gave it to me saying “you need this more than me if you are going to the big city.” I wore the pendant and what a difference….. I came home feeing great and now realize that it was the EMF that were tiring me out whenever I went to the big city. I though the city was just polluted with smog etc but it's really the invisible pollution that gets to you. If you live in the city you should get out or wear a Shieldite pendant.

Susie K.

Since I have worn the pendant, I have not felt groggy at the computer. Before, I would want to doze off at the computer because it has been difficult to learn how to use it proficiently and am now blown away by still having to learn and feeling awake.

Moneca Gabriel. Victoria, BC

The shieldite works! I work at home from my office room, and I'm surrounded by a computer, a laptop, several screens, and other electronic devices. The clutter of electronics is terrible. I found myself having concentration problems working out of my office despite how I rearranged my desk or the lighting. After googling up what could help me out on this situation, I found out about EMFs... Soon after learning about those and doing my research, I came across Shieldite. I picked up a shieldite block from Iyashi for my office, and ever since using it I can concentrate a whole lot better.

Thomas Orion

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