Frequently Asked Questions About Shieldite

Frequently Asked Questions About Shieldite

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What is Shieldite ?

Shieldite is a rare naturally occurring mineral which is only found in a few deposits in the world. It has also been BFIT infused.

What is Shieldite Made of ?

Shieldite is about 98% carbon with traces of other minerals. The unique thing about shieldite is the carbon atoms bond in clusters of 70-90 rather than clusters of 6-8 found in standard carbon.

What Is The Difference Between Transverse And Longitudinal EMF?

Transverse EMF is harmful to the body and can damage cells and tissues. Examples of transverse EMF is the radiation that comes from a microwave, cell phone, electric clock radio, electric water ionizer, high tension power lines or your fridge.
Longitudinal EMF can be better controlled and thus is not harmful to the body. Examples of longitudinal EMF are sound waves, pressure waves, plasma waves and stationary scalar waves.

How Will Shieldite Protect Me From Transverse EMF's?

Shieldite actually absorbs transverse EMF and thus fills up. It needs to be emptied every 36 to 48 hours by placing in on a ground such as the base of your kitchen or bathroom faucet for 15 minutes. There is a mechanism that is not fully understood by scientists whereby Shieldite actually muddles the transverse EMF's ability to be absorbed into the human energy field, almost negating them. It is almost like the transverse EMF is rendered harmless.

Are All EMF's Harmful?

Only Transverse EMF's are harmful and cause cell and tissue damage when exposed to the body. These are the type produced by electronics.

How Much Area Does Shieldite Protect?

The basic shieldite pendants have a protective radius of about 3 feet which is enough to protect a single person. Larger pyramids and other shapes can protect a much larger area.

How Often Does Shieldite Need To Be Grounded?

The small pendants need to be grounded every 24-48 hours while larger pieces can last up to a week without needing to be grounded. If the shieldite experience higher than normal exposure to EMF's it will need to be grounded more often.

Can I Wear Shieldite At All Times?

It is a good idea to wear the Shieldite pendant during your waking hours. At night you can leave it on your night stand to receive the protection from it.

Can There Be Any Side Effects From Wearing Shieldite Or Having It In My Room?

The only side effects are the sense of well-being and relief, knowing you are protected from harmful radiation.

Where Do I Need To Put The Pieces Of Shieldite To Protect Myself?

Put them on top of any electric appliance you have in your home, including your computer.