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Cleaning Your Shieldite.

A lot of the devices that protect you from transverse electromagnetic frequency radiation give off some sort of disruptor energy. Depending on the device will depend on what the emitted energy is. Shieldite on the other hand doesn’t give off anything. It absorbs only….. READ MORE


Electromagnetic Radiation and You.

The number of studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human wellness ranges in the hundreds. Over one hundred of them have been published by 1990 and since then many more have been conducted. Although there have been a wide range of results,.. READ MORE


Body Rhythms and Transverse EMF

There are many rhythms in the human body, but the most prominent one is the heart beat. All the blood vessels in the body work on the rhythm of the heart. The average heart beats about 72 beats per minute. ….. READ MORE


Cell Phones and Shieldite

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to harmonize themselves as long as our internal signaling is working in harmony with all of the body systems. Homeostasis is the key to vitality. When this homeostatic balance is disrupted…. READ MORE


Insomia and EMFs

If you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, your wellness can go downhill very quickly. In the deep stages of sleep when your brain is in delta wave, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself. The body refreshes and the mind is able to be upbeat, positive and forward thinking….READ MORE


What’s the Difference Between Transverse Electromagnetic Waves and Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves?

There is so much talk out there about electromagnetic radiation that we felt we had to address the different types of EMF ( electromagnetic frequencies). ….. READ MORE


What Is The Thermal Impact of Cordless and Mobile Phones?

Risky microwaves are given off by cordless and mobile phones and wi-fi devices that produce heat in addition to dangerous levels of EMF radiation. …READ MORE


Five Sources of Dangerous Exposure Worse Than Smoking

It is shocking that in this modern time we are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic fields. With all the advances in modern technology we are being exposed to some dangerous energies that can be much worse for you than smoking. ....READ MORE


Are Smart Meters Really That Smart?

Some areas of the country are installing wireless meters to measure the electricity usage in your home. These devices send your household energy use data wirelessly to the power company. They claim that it will tell them instantly when your power goes off...READ MORE


Reducing EMF Exposure While You Sleep

Most homes have unshielded wiring in the walls. Shielded wiring is where the wires are fed through a shielded pipe to reduce fire hazard and electric field radiation. You can check the building code for your community to know for sure.…READ MORE