Frequently Asked Questions About The Iyashi Wand

Frequently Asked Questions About The Iyashi Wand

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What are zero-point energy wands?

Zero-point energy wands are instruments that look like a pen that act as a energy transference device to help restore health in the body or body part.

What does Iyashi mean?

Iyashi is a Japanese word which means to heal, to balance body mind and spirit. It is in the Spirit of Iyashi that Innovative, Ionizing Technologies operates its business to bring you and your health to where you want to be.

What is the difference between an Iyashi full spectrum wand and other wands?

The Iyashi Full Spectrum Wand has the largest range of frequencies which allows it to bring all of your body back into phase lock reconnecting it to Source. Other wands infused with a smaller frequency range can work on some things but not others.

What is B.F.I.T?

B.F.I.T.. stands for Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. It is our proprietary technology to ensure you are receiving the highest quality possible in the precision instruments you are purchasing from us. We inspect and infuse every product with our unique blend of frequencies to assist your body to harmonize, balance and repair.

Do zero-point energy wands protect me against EMFs?

Zero point energy wands can't directly protect you from EMFs unless they have the BFIT infusion. Many of the brands of wands we have tested are weakened or rendered inactive in the presence of man-made EMF fields, even some weak ones. So they cannot protect you. The only way your Iyashi zero point energy wand can be damaged by EMF is to leave it very close to a strong EMF field for a very long time (several months). Otherwise your Iyashi wand is protected by the BFIT capabilities infused in it to protect you and it.

Can Wands be Damaged by EMFs?

Yes they can, long, prolonged exposed in very strong EMF fields can weaken any zero point energy wands. Don't worry this is very easy to avoid because the kind of EMF field that would damage an Iyashi wand, would not be something the average person would be around, especially for any length of time. If you have other brands of wands, we are sorry to say, their potential for damage is huge.

How long will my Iyashi wand last? Does it have to be recharged?

Your Iyashi wand should last a life time as long as you properly care for your wand by not keeping it near strong EMFs which will weaken it. If this ever does happen we will recharge it for you!

Can there be too much energy in a wand which could have a negative effect on my body's bio-field?

No, your body's bio-field has a innate ability to use only the frequencies it needs. Please visit the Video Department to watch the video  “Can a wand have too much or too little energy?”.

I bought a wand from another company and it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

We have a trade in program which we can offer you $20-$100 store credit for other ineffective wands. Please see the "Store" for more details.

How long will the Iyashi Wand take to work?

Some people may notice results instantly some may take 30 minutes or even multiple wanding sessions before they notice the effects the wand is having on them. This is because everyone’s different and the Iyashi wand works on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it out which varies from person to person.  If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work and it is possible that you run out of patience before the wand is able to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

I can’t feel anything when I hold the wand. Is it faulty?

No, the wand is not faulty. Every wand is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. A lot of people don’t feel things with their body, it is just the way they are built. The wand will still work even if you don’t feel anything happening.  The human energy system reacts to energy regardless. If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work and it is possible that you run out of patience before the wand is able to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

Do I have to wand in clockwise circles or is there other ways I can use the wand effectively?

We have designed a wanding booklet and some additional effective wanding techniques located on our website which you will find useful. If you need extra assistance, please email or phone the office.

Can I give my Iyashi Wand to anyone to use?

We do not recommend that you loan your wand to anyone. The wand is a fine scientific zero point tool that will ‘tune’ to its owner. You can wand anyone as long as you are the one using the wand.