IITHealth Scalar Energy Negative Ion Card

IITHealth Scalar Energy Negative Ion Card

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The IITHealth Scalar energy card is a scalar energy device embedded with special negative ion powder. It produces abundant negative ions as well as FIR (Far Infrared Rays) energy. It is twice as thick compared to any other scalar energy or bio energy card meaning you can expect double the negative ions, with well over 2000 negative ions per minute per square inch.


Benefits of The IITHealth Scalar Energy Card

The IITHealth Scalar Energy Card is an excellent additional tool to receive the benefits of negative ions and Far-infrared rays. It is the size of a credit card which allows you to easily take it around with you throughout the day to keep yourself alert and energized. Additionally you can place it against your body to receive a concentration of negative ions for accelerated relief.

Negative Ions - Negative ions provide your body with vital anti-oxidants and are an essential building block in our bodies. Negative ions increase physical and mental energy, fight free radicals, purify and alkalizes blood, rejuvenate cells, improve sleep, and increase your overall wellbeing.

Far-infrared Rays (FIR) - Far-infrared is a non-visible wavelength that penetrates deeply into the body tissue providing many healing benefits including improved circulation, improved oxygenation of blood, detox and purify the blood and more.


How To Use The IITHealth Scalar Energy Card

  • Keep the card in your pocket or close to your bod. It can be next to the skin or over your clothing, the closer it is the more negative ions you will receive.
  • For targeted relief place the card over the desired area and hold it there for at least 1-3 minutes. Repeat throughout the day.
  • Punch a hole in the card and keep it on a lanyard around your neck.
  • Place a glass of water or other liquids/ creams on the card for 1 minute to energize them. Do not place the card in the liquid or creams.
  • Reduce radiation from your cell phone by keeping the card next to your phone when in use. Either hold the card on the back of the cell phone or keep it in your cell phone case.


Why Negative Ions Are Positive For Our Health

Negative ions are free electrons that act as anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals in the body. This can help the body repair cellular damage and revitalize cells. A surplus of negative ions protects the body from all the free radicals (positive ions) we encounter from pollution, low quality food, stress, electromagnetic fields, and other environmental factors. In nature there is a surplus of negative ions and a low amount of positive ions but in areas with pollutions of electromagnetic fields the negative ions are reduced dramatically.
Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations


Negative Ions

Positive Ions




Industrial Areas



Shopping Arcades



Residential Areas






Kowakidani Hot Spring



Near Minoh Waterfall



(These measurements were taken in Japan)

The IITHealth Scalar Energy Card mimics the negative ions produced in nature similar to forests, hot springs or waterfalls. When we placed the IITHealth Scalar Energy Card next to your body you can feel rejuvenated all day long as you are taking a plentiful source of negative ions with you. You can learn more about negative ions from the following article.


This is how the Scalar Energy Negative Ion Card has worked for me. I was experiencing extreme brain fog while I was listening to my MP3 player. I put a card between each ear piece and the brain fog completely cleared up! I am very sensitive to EMF's due to mercury poisoning and get ringing in the ears quite often, so this was an exciting discovery.
It was about 4 years ago I realized the power of these cards. I was measuring the EMF's coming off of a friends smart meter.  It was off the charts! I put my card on it and checked again. It came down to zero!
Thank you for wonderful products in a crazy world!
By Sheila Fields