Iyashi Infrared Wrist Wraps

Iyashi Infrared Wrist Wraps

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The Iyashi infrared wrist wraps can fit comfortably around the wrists or forearms to provide support for the wrists, hands or forearms. The Iyashi wrist wraps are designed to provide far-infrared heat to the area they are placed on along with stabilizing the area.

The Iyashi wrist wraps provide natural far infrared heat though the use of natural crystals such as tourmaline. Far Infrared heat is very soothing and relaxing. Each wrist wrap is also infused with our proprietary BFIT providing a full spectrum of subtle beneficial energy frequencies to harmonize the body's surrounding bio-field.

Anyone who already has wrist issues or irritation can use the Iyashi wrist wraps. The Iyashi wrist wraps also can worn by anyone who frequently has their wrists under strain including if you work on the computer or are an athlete who strains their wrists in their activities.

  • Provide wrist support
  • Relax wrist or forearms
  • Decrease wrist and forearm strain
  • Powerful far-infrared heat
  • Includes 2 wrist wraps
  • 9 inches long to fit around any sized wrist

*Not available in Canada*

iyashi infrared wrist wraps

Tech Specs
- Proprietary BFIT Infusion
- VibraScan 1100 Tested
- Tourmaline Tech Included
- Kinesio-Form Technology Inside