Iyashi Infrared Knee Wrap

Iyashi Infrared Knee Wrap

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The Iyashi Infrared knee wrap fits comfortably around your knee to provide general support and additionally harmonize the body's surrounding bio-field. The Iyashi infrared knee wrap is designed to provide far-infrared heat to your knee along with stabilizing the knee. 8 magnets are also placed in the Iyashi infrared knee wrap to provide additional benefits.

The Iyashi infrared knee wrap provides natural far-infrared heat through the use of natural crystals such as tourmaline and germanium. Far Infrared heat is very soothing and relaxing. The Iyashi infrared knee wrap is also infused with our proprietary BFIT providing a full spectrum of subtle beneficial energy frequencies.

If you experience any knee issues or irritation you can use Iyashi infrared knee wrap. It can be worn directly against the skin or over a thin piece of clothing for the best results.

  • Provides powerful infrared heat
  • Supports & Stabilizes knee
  • Relaxes knee
  • Decrease knee strain
  • 8 powerful magnets

*Not available in Canada*

iyashi infrared knee wrap

Tech Specs
- Proprietary BFIT Infusion
- VibraScan 1100 Tested
- Tourmaline Tech Included
- Magnetic Energy Response Included
- Kinesio-Form Technology Inside

iyashi magnet therapy


These products are powerful. My nephew can only wear the knee brace a short time... it gets really hot. It works fast... and is helping  for his PT run and in recuperating afterward.. while qualifying for becoming a deputy for the sheriff of Bossier Parish.
Thanks Iyashi for your wonderful products!
 One customer's mother has had kidney failure and after "wanding" her lower back on both sides... she had the best day that she has had in ten weeks.  Wow. We are also seeing an improvement in her strength because she is able to exercise after 10 years.She has fibromyalgia. 
By Rose R