Iyashi Chakra Stone

Iyashi Chakra Stone

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The Chakra Stone is a Bioceramic disk, infused with Full Spectrum technology (BFIT), to bring your energy levels to full alignment. This is a powerful holistic wellness tool which you can use on yourself or in the hands of an holistic practitioner. The Chakra stone is highly recommended for use with massage, and can be warmed or cooled for a smoothing effect.

The Chakra Stone can alternatively be used for cooking. The Chakra Stone will release negative ions into water, ionizing the food you cook. This aids in providing a more alkaline and less acidic day-to-day meal plan. By ionizing your food, harmful free radicals are prevented, which can result in high body acidity levels, increased fat storage, and severe decreases in bodily energy. The bioceramic construction of the Chakra Stone provides bacterial protection, chlorine encasement, and FIR technology (water cluster reduction, metabolism enhancement, and toxin reduction).

The Chakra stone, much like our bioceramic bracelet technology, consists of bioceramics that are heat-treated to temperatures peaking at 3000 degrees fahrenheit. The energetic responsiveness of the bioceramic material is enhanced through our proprietary preparation process. The negative ionic effect the Chakra Stone offers a counter to the ionic pollution that modern electronic technology emits. The ionic properties of the bioceramic stone encases chlorine molecules found in water in a way that will eliminate the irritating properties that chlorine can have on skin and hair.

The Chakra stone is versatile and can be used in the bath or shower, or with cooking. It has strong ionic properties, is infused with Full Spectrum technology to ensure energetic response, and has been properly heat-treated. The Chakra Stone will help improve the quality of water by ionizing it and encapsulating chlorine in such a way that the water will be less irritating to sensitive individuals. For those cooking with a Chakra Stone, food will be ionized and de-acidified in order to help provide you with better menu options, as well as an improved metabolic response for more active fat loss and weight maintenance.

The Chakra Stone is 3 inches across, its size is similar to a hockey puck



That Iyashi Stone which i got from you awhile back, I've been using for about 6 months now. My fridge has 3 shelves and a crisper, I put it in the centre on the top shelf...it just sits there and does this miraculous thing, meaning it keeps my food fresh from 3x - 5x longer. I am so amazed every time i open my fridge...celery still there, salad spinach still there, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms...nothing wilted and the taste is amazingly still intact. Its probably cut down on my food wastage bill by about 30% to 5% or less. No mold on foods, plus no odour in the fridge whatsoever...I thought that is what it is for, but this fresh food a super bonus plus!!
by Nathan