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Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant Testimonials and Reviews

Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant Testimonials and Reviews

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Testimonials on the Iyashi Pendants


The first day I started wearing my Law of Attraction” pendant my massage business went from only $50 a week all winter long to over $300 that first week, I look forward to a whole new life of prosperity, & now my wife and I are getting along much better, prays God!

Joel Quinn Antinazi


I got hit by a bat on Saturday across the nose. A five stitch cut and a fracture. During this whole time I was pain free. I mean ZERO pain . I was wearing my iyashi pendant.WOW. No swelling and no black and blue eyes. GREAT PENDANT. This event happened on Saturday and I am still wearing the pendant and STILL have ZERO pain. I feel the Dr. could have applied the five stitches to my nose without numbing the
wound. I am not Superman, but , I felt that way with the strength and courage I had on Saturday. Oh, I didn't mention I have Panic Disorder. I was so calm. Thanks for this wonderful pendant.

Thanks, Bob Salyi


Thank you very much for replying so quickly, my head ache is gone now, left
the pendant on through the night and actually feel pretty awesome today.

 Very happy I found your website, it's good to know there are people out
there trying to help the rest of us repair ourselves in such a unique way.
Keep up the good work. :D

David Michael


I love my pendant, it works great for clearing negative energies, and now I am moving into my new home next week thanks to the help of this wonderful pendant, and I am kind of new to this type of technology, but I think it is awesome, keep it up guys.

Jeremy Weaver


My girlfriend belonged to an expensive dating service. She was disappointed in the dates she met. At 66 she thought she was not pretty enough to attract the right man. After she started to wearing “The Law of Attraction” pendant she had so many dates with “good possibilities” she had difficulty juggling them. It was a delight to see that her self-confidence in her desirability turn positive. She has now been seeing one of those dates for the last 6 months and she tells us that she has never had a relationship that was so romantic and thoughtful. Last week he told her that she was the prettiest lady at the Opera.

Peggy Brauer


When I wear the Law of Attraction Pendant I notice that it protects me from negative projections of other people. I feel encased in a positive energy field. The first time I wore I was dreading this meeting this very confrontational person. The meeting went great and the person actually apologized to me! After a while I felt the pendant was not working like it did in the beginning but when I followed the instructions on grounding, it was as good as new. Since wearing the pendant for months now I noticed that my life is getting easier and my relationship have improved.

Heide S


I still use it more than the wand, by taping it to problem sites and keeping it there over night.


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